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Clarington Gift Baskets


Nutcracker Sweet presents Clarington gift baskets. These Clarington baskets are filled with treats and sweets that will not only tickle your taste buds, but most definitely brighten up your day! From chocolate dipped pretzels, fruit and nut platters, chocolate covered almonds, stuffed animals and more, Clarington gift baskets are anything but a bore!

Say Congratulations the Tasteful Way

If you or a friend is signed up for the Clarington colour run, be sure to show your support with a gift basket. A Clarington gift basket is a great way to congratulate or to reenergize this accomplished individual. Congratulations don’t need to be said after giving the most delectable gift basket. These baskets contain Ghirardelli’s of all sorts, Godiva’s, and of course, Lindt. The site of this appealing basket and taste of all the deliciousness is enough to have someone smiling for days, and truly be grateful for such a congratulations gift! Clarington gift baskets from Nutcracker Sweet such as the Goodies Galore has all of the previously mentioned chocolatey products, paired with a sweet packet of jelly beans and a salty collection of salted caramel!

Rejuvenate With Baskets of Clarington Creations

If you are looking to reenergize someone in the Clarington area who has just completed a run, race, or marathon, then look no further as tastefully nutritious goods from Nutcracker Sweet will do just that! Nutcracker Sweet Clarington gift baskets offer a wide selection of chocolate covered dried fruit, bare dried fruits, nuts of all sorts, kind bars and many other healthy snacking alternatives. These treats will have you craving more, and will definitely trick you into forgetting that something so tasteful is in fact healthy!

Attractions are Addicting

A major attraction in the municipality of Clarington is the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. This park calls on thousands upon thousands of tourists each and every year to indulge in the act of race car driving! This is a guilty pleasure for many family members from abroad that are highly probable to have those family members and friends come to stay with you, the Clarington locals. Sweeten up there stay with a Clarington wine and cheese gift basket collection, and add a bottle or two of a wine for all to enjoy. Racing is a high adrenalin sport that requires not only the athletes, but also the onlookers and those out of town viewers to unwind after. Iceland Bucket from Nutcracker Sweet has the proper products such as a wine, cheeses, truffles and chocolates to do the trick!

Delivery Service in Clarington

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, that’s why we here at Nutcracker Sweet have implanted an amazing and convenient Clarington gift basket delivery service with only the most reputable and responsible of courier services. Nutcracker Sweet customers now have an opportunity to request next day gift basket delivery Clarington, Ontario, ensuring those last minute gifts will arrive no later than that specific day! No snow storm or heat way is going to stop you or us, from guaranteeing your recipient gets their Clarington gift on the day of a special occasion, holiday, or personal celebration! Please call 416.782.3232 for delivery to Clarington. 

Please note, during the holiday season next day delivery may not be available. Please see our holiday delivery information.

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