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Wine Gift Baskets Toronto & Canada

**Wine gift baskets and gift baskets including alcohol can only be shipped to within Ontario**


At Nutcracker Sweet Gift and Baskets, each and every gift basket is handcrafted to include different combinations of flavours and different appeals. As your gift experts, we know the look you are going for if you are looking to add a bottle of wine to your basket. Whether you are looking to make your gift sophisticated, classy, romantic, personal, or fun, adding a bottle of wine is a wonderful option. At Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets, we offer the option of adding a bottle or even bottles of wine to your gift basket. From Canadian, American to European wines, Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets offers a great selection of world-class wines to put the perfect finishing touches to your gift basket! If you have a specific wine in mind, give us a call at 1-877-789-0139 and we will do our very best to accommodate your wine desires!

Any Celebration calls Upon Wine

When you are shopping for a gift to celebrate, it is always a great idea to add a bottle of wine to fit the occasion. Adding a bottle of wine has been very popular for sending gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more! More commonly, we have seen the addition of wine be applied to many corporate gift orders. Wine, red or white, does add a great touch of sophistication to your gift thus, it is understandable why our corporate clients choose to include wine their gift basket! Let’s not forget, the other treats in our baskets complement the wine as well! Chocolate, Cheese and wine have been commended to be award-winning flavours when combined. Thus, at Nutcracker Sweet Gift and Basket, adding a bottle of wine only brings more complementing flavours to the pallet!

Wine Preferences

At Nutcracker Sweet Gift and Baskets, we like to study taste pallets! As a gifting company, we want to combine the best flavours to make your gift the most enjoyable! This also entails analyzing the exquisite tastes of wine lovers. Now, not all wine lovers like the same flavours. There are several preferences within the wine and it can get hard to understand. Firstly, do they prefer white or red? Often, red wine lovers enjoy the combination of their wine with dark chocolate and bitter cheese! While white wine is enjoyed with sweeter delights. Likewise, there are many other combinations that compliment the wine flavours. If you are unsure, no worries! Our Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets experts can provide you with similar advice and other wines that appeal to most! Just give us a call at 1-877-789-0139, if you need further advice!

More About Ordering Wine with Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets

Wine gift baskets have become an increasingly popular gift idea sent for all sorts of celebrations! Add a personal touch to your gourmet gift basket by requesting a special bottle of vintage wine or from a premium selection of current favourites on our wine rack. Support Ontario wineries by selecting from a quality, locally grown reds and whites or add an exotic touch by choosing from globally recognized wine regions such as California, South Africa, Argentina, France, Australia and of course Italy.

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Add a bottle of wine to any selection or quantity of our sweet, savoury, and gourmet baskets. We want to remind you, if you want to request a specific bottle of wine for gift basket delivery please contact one of our helpful gift basket experts at 416-782-3232 or email us at

Please note, specific choices of wine or alcoholic beverages require 48-hour notice and are subject to availability.

With Alcohol comes Rules

As a gifting company that offers the option of adding on alcohol, we do need to follow some legal procedures when we accept these orders. Firstly, the gift recipient needs to meet the minimum legal age to purchase Alcohol and Wine in Ontario, which is the age of 19. In addition, Nutcracker Sweet Gift and Baskets ships only within Ontario when dealing with an order that includes wine in the gift basket. We apologize if your gift inquiry does not qualify with our option of adding wine.

**Wine gift baskets and gift baskets including alcohol can only be shipped to within Ontario**

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