Jellycat Gift Basket Set

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  1. Build Your Own Box Blue
  2. Build Your Own Box Grey
  3. Build Your Own Box Pink
  4. Dino Tails
    Dino Tails
  5. Dino Tails Deluxe
  6. Dusty Rose Luxury Box
    Out of Stock
  7. Muskoka Camper
  8. My Little Unicorn
  9. My Little Unicorn Deluxe
  10. Pearl Grey Luxury Box
  11. Petite Explorer Deluxe ft. Sophie the Giraffe
  12. Petite Explorer ft. Sophie the Giraffe

Jellycat Gift Set

Jellycat is an array of cuddly, humourful yet sophisticated toys for your little ones! These soft toys come in small, medium and large to perfectly accommodate the person purchasing. Jellycat items range from Jelly books to stuffed monkeys, lions, bunnies and more. Jellycat gift basket sets will be just as bashful and jolly as the items themselves.

Adorable, Soft And Cozy Plush Jellycat Gift Sets

Jellycat products are the floppiest, softest, and squishiest stuffed animals a child could have. From its silky yet smooth fur to the sweetness of character, each child will be able to have the comfiest cuddles. Jellycat gift baskets are crafted in a soft and cuddly way, making them great gifts for a 1st birthday! These adorable Jellycat gifts are a perfect add-on to our gift baskets

Jellycat Gift Set Is Just Irresistible

Jellycat plush toys are simply irresistible! Nutcracker Sweet recipients love their plush so much that they find themselves coming back for more! We know how hard it is trying to remove your child’s favourite plush for a quick wash after it's been dragged on the floor. That's why many times we have customers ordering seconds to throw out the old and bring in the new without their kid noticing! Each Jellycat book is not only fun to play with and hold, but they are educational for children! Teaching your toddler has never been easier!

Thoughtful JellyCat Gift Sets

As sweet and cozy as these little stuffed toys and books can be to a toddler, they can also enchant older siblings and parents. These little guys will bring a smile to your face!

JellyCat Gift Set For Everyone

Jellycat toys, such as the bunnies, monkeys, due to their unique design, are easy to spot amongst all the other toys.

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