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Welcome Baby Boy

Congratulations! Your loved one is having a little miracle and the best thing you can do is provide them with some essentials and cuddly cuteness to help prepare them for baby’s arrival. At, Nutcracker Sweet, we love all of the gifts that are a part of our baby collection. We embrace the blues and greens for baby boys however, you can never go wrong with our neutral baskets in our collection. Many crazy times await them with their bundle of joy, from late nights, teething, and crying to fun, playing, and learning. Our baby gift baskets are full of high-quality products and are as adorable as can be, and are sure to be loved and appreciated.


Some choose to be surprised with the gender of their baby while, others choose to know prior to giving birth. Whether you know the gender or do not know, the new addition will always bring joy to the family. Often, you’ll see “It’s a Boy” balloons and ribbons decorated around the house or hospital room. At Nutcracker Sweet, we create the best décor with gift baskets filled with baby boy essentials. The extravagant basket will only add on to the décor around the house to celebrate “It’s a Boy”! Our collection for the baby boy gift baskets are predominantly blue and green! We wrap each boy baby gift with a gorgeous handmade blue bow to seal the deal!

Nutcracker Sweet’s Innovative Baby Gift Collection

At Nutcracker Sweet, you will find a unique line of gift baskets because we stress on being innovative. Most, if not all, of our baskets are made with the recipients in mind. We know the new parents are in need of many items thus, we carefully hand pick every item to include in the basket and to further, we cautiously choose what container the baby bounty will go in. The containers include toddler’s trunki, storage boxes, wagons, giant Lego Box and other amazing containers. To meet the standard of these wonderful containers, you’ll only find the top quality baby essentials inside!!!

Baby Gifts with Premium Quality

Parents can never have too many of the essentials, so be both practical and fun with your gift. Baskets double as storage for baby’s things, and clothes, blankets, and teethers are requirements to have in the arsenal. Each of the baskets at Nutcracker Sweet find the perfect combination of practical baby essentials and fun toys! We are sure that each and every item received in our lovely basket will be put into great use. We are also known for our plush toys that we add into each and every basket. Often, the recipient will have lost or damaged their stuffed toy. Thus, they have gone out of their way to find us and reorder the same plush toy because their baby could not let it go!

Personalizing Your Baby Basket

At Nutcracker Sweet, we love to personalize our baskets to best fit your recipients. There is something special about receiving a gift that is evident it was specially made for you. Personalizing by baby girl or baby boy is one of the many options we offer at Nutcracker Sweet. We have options to add any item into the basket which includes, a little gift for mommy, daddy, big sister or big brother. At Nutcracker Sweet we offer a variety of gourmet goodies for the parents! For big brother or big sister, we offer the option of adding activities such as, our popular Crayola set. For tots who are a bit older, bring out their creativity with a craft basket and give them some fun activities to do with mum and dad! Books for bedtime stories are perfect for the new reader and our baskets provide a selection of very useful items that are as darling as can be at the same time!

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