Personalized Baby Gifts

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Personalized Baby Gifts

What better way to welcome a baby into this world than with a personalized baby gift basket. Nutcracker Sweet offers baby specialty gift baskets with a broad selection of unique and quality baby gifts. These personalized baby gift baskets open an array of options as these gift baskets allow for any speciality touches and additions one could want! Our personalized gift baskets offer orderings personalized name art to hang outside a babies room, to personalizing a gift basket to match a specific colour one requests, is the easiest, yet most meaningful way to make a new born feel welcomed.

Perfectly Personalized Baby Gift Baskets

Personalized name art is one of the fan favourites here at Nutcracker Sweet, as it allows you a customized way to celebrate and appreciate the life of a new born! This personalized baby gift baskets is both pleasing to the eyes and to that special baby receiving it! This personalized gift lasts a life time as it is the first real visual your child will see of their name, and hang onto as it will most likely be the first piece of art hung outside or inside the little ones room. Baby name art is also a great additional to personalize a new born babies room, as it adds colour and a baby feel to the environment. Each baby name art pieces are beautifully decorated, fun to look at and no two are ever the same!

Make It Truly Yours With Personalized Baby Gift Baskets

Nutcracker Sweet will do what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain these relationships. Our clients are of utmost importance that we promise to make each personalized baby gift baskets a personalized perfection. Each little princess deserves that picture perfect present, such as the Elphantastic Trunk as it has all the essentials to make any baby girl and parents jump for joy. This baby gift baskets can in fact be personalized, whether it’s with embroidery or adjusting the colours to match the wants of the recipient. Embroidery is a great way to personalize a gift as you can embroider a name into a 5 piece baby-sized outfit, onto a baby-sized throw blanket, onto a bib along with many other items contained in each and every personalized baby gift baskets from Nutcracker Sweet.

Branded Baby Gift Baskets

At Nutcracker Sweet, we provide the best options within our baby collection for all your corporate gifting needs. Whether you are looking to send to important clients or employees, our personalized baby gift baskets are perfect. Who doesn’t find baby booty absolutely adorable? Everyone loves going through the baby section in department stores to browse the adorable miniature sized shirts, onesies, socks, shoes and more mini goodies! So, why not add your awesome company logo to the loveable baby bounty! Be proactive and get the future generation representing your company logo!! Congratulate your employees on the new addition to their family! The little bundle of joy may be the new addition to your family in the upcoming years!

Corporate Baby Swag

Depending on your relationship with your corporate clients, you can add some logoed baby booty to their personalize baby gift baskets. However, we often recommend toning it down for your corporate clients. Another alternative is to send Nutcracker Sweet some company merchandise thus, we have it readily available when a handcrafted gift basket is necessary. Our large warehouse has sectioned off an area dedicated for all of our corporate clients to stock their goodies. Therefore, when you need a corporate gift baskets, such as a personalized baby gift baskets, it is just one call away!

Customized Personalized Baby Creations

At Nutcracker Sweet, baby gifts are not only about corporate branding! We like to embrace baby branding, as well! That's why baby hand art is a fun form of "branding" and favourite among our clients, as it is an interactive piece that makes for long lasting impressions. Baby hand art allows your baby to make their own artwork with, usually their hands, and sometimes feet, but the choice between the two seems to be a personal preference! The baby dips the designated part (with the help of a parent, of course) into the paint and then they dab it onto the canvas provided. When it dries, voila! You have a treasured memory. Many parents use one art canvas at a time, so that over the course of a few years they can see how much their child has grown and use it as a reflection of past to present! When babies leave a mark on these canvases they have created a memory as their prints can then be displayed proudly on the wall for all to see! Hand art comes with paint and 4 canvases to print on. These are great additions to any baby basket of choice!

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