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  1. Bear Nessesities
  2. Bear Nessesities Deluxe
  3. Build Your Own Box Blue
  4. Build Your Own Box Grey
  5. Build Your Own Box Pink
  6. Dino Tails
    Dino Tails
  7. Dino Tails Deluxe
  8. Dusty Rose Luxury Box
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  9. Embroidered Cable Knit Blanket
  10. Embroidered Cotton Onesie
  11. Embroidered Curly Plush Blanket
  12. Embroidered Fleece Blanket

Celebrate the New Arrival

It is always a special moment when an adorable bundle of joy is added to any family. Whether the child is the first, second or so on, every new addition welcomes change! Whether the transition is to mommy, daddy, big brother or big sister, there will be tons of exciting adventures and memories ahead! At Nutcracker Sweet, we look to assist you with all the changes with our astounding baby gift basket collection! All of our baby gift baskets are built by a well-thought-out team to ensure the new family is equipped with all the baby bounty to assist them!! When it comes down to new baby, there is never enough thus, showering every new baby with lovely gifts is a must!



Baby Gift Baskets Toronto

Congratulations! Your loved one is having a little miracle and the best thing you can do is provide them with some essentials and cuddly cuteness to help prepare them for baby’s arrival. Many crazy times await them with their bundle of joy, from late nights, teething, and crying to fun, playing, and learning. Our baby gift baskets are full of high-quality products and are as adorable as can be, and are sure to be loved and appreciated. A new baby in the family brings a lifetime of happiness, excitement and wonder. Whether you are sending a gift to welcome a newborn to the family, to spoil your new grandson or granddaughter, or for a birthday gift, send it with Nutcracker Sweet Baby Gift Baskets. Beautifully decorated with baby colors and containing high-quality adorable baby products, these gifts are sure to be memorable and a warm welcome-to-the-family gift. Packed with all of the essentials for babies plus a few extra goodies, we guarantee that you are going to be satisfied with your choice of gift and that whoever you are sending it to will be, too.

Gift Baskets for Every Baby

We make a wide variety of baby gift baskets, as well as many neutral options. Colours and patterns will charm both parents and baby with adorable design and appearance. With a wide range of varying prices, themes, styles, needs and contents, Nutcracker Sweet will provide the perfect baby gift for whatever occasion. We offer baskets that are gender-appropriate, as well as making a wide variety of unisex Baby Gift Baskets. Our gift baskets contain everything baby-oriented, from sleepers to books, wagons to diaper bags, blankets and bottles to games and toys. All products put in our baby gift baskets are completely safe and healthy for babies and young children, and come from high-quality companies or stores. 

Functional Baby Gifts

Parents can never have too many of the essentials, so be both practical and fun with your gift. Our baby gift baskets double as storage for baby’s things, and clothes, blankets, and teethers are requirements to have in the arsenal.

Gift Baskets for Growing Up

For tots who are a bit older, bring out their creativity with a craft gift basket and give them some fun activities to do with mom and dad! Books for bedtime stories are perfect for the new reader and our gift baskets provide a selection of very useful items that are as darling as can be at the same time!

Baby Gift Basket Variety

Each gift basket contains different baby products catering to the needs of the gift giver. Whether you are sending to brand-new parents, or parents that already have multiple children, there is something that will be suitable for anyone. All of the products are high quality and are what any parent needs to help them get off to a good start with their new baby. Or, if you’re looking to send a birthday gift to that adorable little toddler, we’ve got what you need. Often times when there is a new baby, the sender will want to send a little something extra along for the parents or siblings as well, which is no problem! Our gift giving experts are happy to help give you guidance on choosing a beautiful little add-on gift, or maybe eve choosing a few items for the parents or siblings at an extra cost to add into the basket! 

Nutcracker Sweet Recommendation: Always Send A Baby Gift Basket to the Home

Due to delivery complications, we do not recommend sending gifts to hospitals.  If you decide to send a gift baskets to a hospital, please call them and find out the following information:
• What is their policy on accepting packages? Some locations do not accept packages or have special guidelines.
• How are the packages received? Many locations have a central receiving department where packages are delivered. Due to privacy and security policies, they may not allow delivery to specific rooms.

**We cannot guarantee that packages will be delivered to recipients at hospitals. We are not responsible for gifts that are lost on-site or for gifts that arrive after a patient has checked out**

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