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Wedding Gift Baskets 

There comes the bride, all dressed in white. You know what that means! Wedding showers, bridal parties, and bachelor/bachelorette festivities! This is a time of happiness, celebration and of course, a time to give! With 35 years of experience, Nutcracker Sweet has come up with a way to give not only the best pre-wedding gift for all of those bridal showers but has made sure to keep it cost-efficient. 


Bridal Showers

Bridal shower gifts are expected from a bride to be, so why not surprise your company and give a gift for the bride, and those invited? Make the bride to be have a stress-free day by purchasing a gift of chilled wine, delicious goodies such as cheese, Lindt dark chocolate, salmon pate, delicious compote, Ghirardelli chocolate, fruit, nuts and more.

The Cooking Bride

Leave your bride to be feeling empowered with a gift basket filled with everything gourmet! The worst cooks in the world now have a chance to make pasta of their life as the goods in a Nutcracker Sweet gift basket are fool proof for cooking. These gourmet baskets also include the highest quality of ingredients, including spices, oils, and grains; and of course, because of popular dessert demands, the basket has premium chocolates to end the night off. 

Maid of Honour

Calling all maids of honour, take away your worries with a party pleasure and fan favourite! Spread the love of taste and the feel of hunger by having a custom fruit and nut platter. Almonds, pecans, cashews paired with kind bars, dried apricot, raisins, cranberries and of course, some additional chocolate to sooth the need of some extra sweet to all the salty! Not only will this party pleasing gift fill the stomachs of all guests, and offer something for everyone, but will have your bride not worrying about gaining that extra weight before her wedding! This is the perfect basket in terms of health conscious, fan favourites, and of course, absolutely delicious! 

Wedding party Ideas

Count the jelly beans, taste the flavour, find out which wine you prefer! All of these and more are simple yet fun ideas to have during a pre-wedding bash with all your favourite ladies. Fortunately, Nutcracker Sweet has baskets filled to the top with bottles of jelly beans, generous amount of chocolates, and wines upon ones choice!  Lay out the containers of jelly beans for all guests to see, have a paper and pencil beside for all to guess the number of jelly’s inside. Following all of the guesses are with the jelly bean count, the winners will be announced and get that container of jelly beans as a prize! Tables will also be set up with certain types that are to be unwrapped and guess upon. If you guess the right type of chocolate you will receive a whole one as a prize! Now for the final party pleaser that is sure to loosen up the mood and put some sparkle in everyone’s eye, is the wine taster. This is similar to the Coke and Pepsi challenge as all the ladies will have rounds of guessing, those who guess the right flavour and brand the most will go home with something special! 

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