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Self Care Packages

Spread warmth and comfort by gifting our thoughtfully created Self Care Collection. Our gifts are filled with delightful treats, entertaining games, and cozy snug blankets. These gifts are designed to deliver joy and relaxation. Whether in Toronto or anywhere in North America, our delivery services ensure that your care package conveys your thoughtful gesture from afar, ideal for brightening someone's day or offering comfort during challenging times.

Sending Warm Wishes

Celebrate any special occasion with our thoughtfully curated care package gift baskets, designed not just for the main guest but for everyone invited! Surprise your guests with a stress-free experience by gifting chilled wine, delightful treats like cheese, Lindt dark chocolate, salmon pate, compote, Ghirardelli chocolate, fruits, nuts, and more.

The Culinary Explorer

Empower your recipient with a gourmet gift basket from Nutcracker Sweet, perfect for those looking to enhance their cooking skills. Even the most novice chefs can create culinary masterpieces with foolproof ingredients included in these baskets. Packed with high-quality spices, oils, grains, and premium chocolates, this gift basket ensures a delicious and satisfying culinary experience.

Honored Attendant

Calling all maids of honour, take away your worries with a party pleasure and fan favourite! Spread the love of taste and the feeling of hunger by having a custom fruit and nut platter. Almonds, pecans, and cashews paired with kind bars, dried apricots, raisins, cranberries and of course, some additional chocolate to soothe the need for some extra sweetness to all the salt! Not only will this party-pleasing gift fill the stomachs of all guests, and offer something for everyone, but will have your bride not worrying about gaining that extra weight before her wedding! This is the perfect basket in terms of health conscious, fan favourites, and of course, absolutely delicious! 

Wedding Festivities Ideas

Elevate your pre-wedding celebration with fun-filled activities! Nutcracker Sweet offers baskets filled with jelly beans, chocolates, and wines to keep the party lively. Have guests count jelly beans, guess chocolate flavours, and partake in a wine-tasting challenge. Winners can take home delightful prizes, ensuring a joyous and memorable wedding party experience

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