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Festive Gift Baskets For Christmas

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Send your very best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season with one of our festive gift baskets. Each one guaranteed to supply a basket full of holiday cheer!! With up to the moment gift basket ideas a plenty, you’ll be sure to please with traditional items like candy canes and gingerbread, to themed delights like Lindt Christmas Chocolate Squares. Need some help with putting together your holiday order? Just give us a call or see below for some helpful hints on gift gifting this holiday season!


Christmas is The Perfect Time of The Year

Beautiful decorations, loads of food, mountains of gifts, pretty twinkling lights, shimmering snowflakes -- sounds like the perfect time of year!

Hints on How to Choose The Perfect Christmas Gift

The holiday season is a special time to all of us, and at Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets, we’re here to provide the best gifts to send to family and friends, as well as corporate baskets! With two locations in Toronto – one in Downsview area, and one in the heart of the downtown core in Scotia Plaza, we are easily accessible for pick-ups, as well as offering a delivery service for our clients. Choosing the perfect gift basket isn’t easy, but we’re here with you every step of the way. Here are some helpful hints to ensure you choose a great present!

Sharable Baskets or Trays for Family

When it comes to buying gift baskets for your family, we suggest choosing a sharable basket or tray, as people are constantly entertaining during this time of year. Be sure to buy a gift that suits the entire family. Make sure you choose a gift basket with food that appeals to children, as well as having that elegant side that will appeal to the adults. We also recommend sending a Charlie and Sam’s basket or treat tower, a premium quality chocolate confection company based in Toronto with an entertaining twist—each type of chocolate has a different adventure story behind it, which is sure to add intrigue to your basket.

Gourmet Gift Baskets for Friends or Colleagues

If you are sending a basket to a friend or colleague during Christmas time, it’s always important to play to their taste and style. Send a gift basket with lots of gourmet sweets to someone with a sweet tooth, or send a savory-lover a more gourmet basket. The appearance of the basket is also an important choice. All of our baskets are decorated and designed beautifully and in a variety of different styles. Choose a gift basket with a bucket or box that suits who you are sending it to. And remember, we don’t just deliver in Toronto, so send your long distance friends gift baskets as well!

Corporate Gift Baskets for Your Clients

If you are a corporation buying your client a gift basket, it is important to get something elegant and professional. Thankfully, Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets has lots to offer in that department! Look for baskets that come from the “Corporate” section of the catalogue, or baskets that are professional-looking. Send a basket that has an assortment of goods (gourmet and sweet). It’s hard to know exactly what each client likes! This way, they will get a bit of everything! If you choose a basket outside of the Christmas section, we can always decorate it as a Christmas gift for the time of year. Additionally, when you call be sure to inform us that it is a corporate gift.

Call Us Today for Christmas Gift Baskets Help

At this special time of year we can appreciate how difficult it is to choose the perfect gift basket, even from our wide selection. If you are having trouble deciding, we are able to do custom-made gift baskets to satisfy your exact needs. Call us today!