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Are you looking to send the perfect little package to a special someone in the Barrie area? If so, you’re at the right place! With over 30 years of experience, Nutcracker Sweet has been continuously creating the best baskets in town! Find the finest quality products inside our stunning gift collections. For all your Barrie gifts, Nutcracker Sweet has you covered. With award winning combinations of different delicious flavours in every basket, you are sure to find the optimum choice right here!

Gifts Are What We Do

Rain or shine, snow or hail, with over 30 years of experience Nutcracker Sweet goes above and beyond to create a handcrafted masterpiece! Order your Barrie basket and have it delivered to the recipients door step at the designated time, and in mint condition! Many years of experience have made us experts at making unique and beautiful gift baskets that leave clients coming back for more year after year. Whether it’s the great gourmet goods, tasty treats, or the baby baskets, each Barrie gift basket is made to impress the eyes, stomachs, and of course, leave the recipient smiling ear to ear.

From A Celebration To I’m Sorry

As your gift experts, we are prepared to express every message, even the most difficult wishes, with our gifts. Although simple gratifying greetings are easier, we still put extra thought into each and every basket to create the perfect gifts. However, we know the difficult messages, such as sympathy wishes, can get tricky with gift giving. Nevertheless, Nutcracker Sweet has put in even more thought to ensure our sympathy gifts portray a genuine and caring message! We have the perfect gifting solutions to express what you want to say!

Gift Basket Delivery To Barrie, Ontario

For gifts to this area, we are able to accommodate gift basket delivery to Barrie, Ontario! That’s right! We take every extra precaution to ensure our gift is handpicked with the best quality foods, handcrafted into the most beautiful baskets and hand delivered in the most appropriate manner! While Barrie continuously tops the charts in amount of snowfall, we make to take those extra steps to make sure your gifts to Barrie are not affected. Of the cities in central Ontario, Barrie tops the charts with the amount of snowfall. They have an average of 46 days of snowfall a year. In a year, they have an accumulated amount of 87.8 inches or 223.0cm of snow on average. WOAH, THAT’S A WHOLE LOT OF SNOW! But, don’t you worry because you can rely on Nutcracker Sweet to take care of all of your gifting needs! 

Sending Baskets To The Area

At Nutcracker Sweet, we provide our beautiful handcrafted collection of gift baskets to Barrie, Ontario at a premium next day gift delivery service. Within the Barrie area, we service the following postal codes: L4M, L4N, L9J

Please note, during the holiday season next day delivery may not be available. Please see our holiday delivery information.