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  1. Sweet Composition

The Gift Tower of Snacking

When in need of a great gift to give, most of us get a bit frazzled with all the options. Fortunately, one universal commonality that is always trending is people’s desires for those delicious treats presented in an elegant way. Edible arrangements in a nice presentation never fail to please! This is the foundation of the Nutcracker Sweet tower! Boxes full of gourmet goodies that are sure to include tastes that the recipients have never tried before. Heighten their senses and delight their taste buds as towers offer a collection of snacks, sweets and treats that are simply delicious.

Tremendously Tasting Towers

Are your party guests feeling peckish? Would you like to avoid that catastrophe entirely? A smart host prepares for these possibilities and takes all of the precautionary measures to prepare for any case scenario. The smartest host knows that a Nutcracker Sweet gift basket is there to guarantee a successful party of people who will arrive ready to talk, dance, and drink and of course snack, and eventually leave the party happy, energized and full! Guests just want to have fun, but fun requires food to keep up with the excitement. There is not a way possible for a host to ever go wrong by having too many delicious treats on the table. Some of these gifts for snacking include an assortment of chocolates, biscuits, pretzels, peppermint balls, coated raspberries, an array of cookies, sponge toffee, and a whole lot more. The whole group will thank you and probably call the next day about where those delicious arrangements were from!


Why Choose a Tower

Towers are a perfect gift for any occasion because the person receiving one will be able to share the goods and—just like all gift baskets—is left with a handy set of storage boxes to keep once the delicious morsels have been consumed. With an array of flavours in each box, this gift is a stunning celebration of scrumptiousness foods, love for one another and care! A tower from Nutcracker Sweet sections off food from one another, it places items in a clear way to know exactly what item you are going to eat next. Choosing a towers gift basket mends relationships, brings a smile to someone’s face, and most importantly ensures that no one goes hungry!

Towers by Occasion

Towers at Nutcracker Sweet are customized for upcoming holidays and occasions. Christmas, Hanukah, Easter to anything corporate, tower packing will be designed to match the type of event at hand! From red and white for Christmas and black and gold for anything corporate of classy, we have it all. In times of towers for all of the Jewish holidays, we can compile a kosher or non-kosher tower with blue and white arrangements or ribbon to make it suitable and holiday appropriate; an example of this is the Lindt selection Tower.

Towers Tell All

Towers show quality, thought, and care as you are not just receiving a simple one layered creation, but are in fact getting a tall masterpiece of the most delicious and premium products in the world of chocolate, cookies and more. Treasure your tower as you are not only getting a creative handcrafted tower, but colourful and textured treats that are pleasing to all the senses! Not to mention, the boxes maintain great shape and can be used to shelf at many parties and events to come!

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