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  1. Artisanal Cheese Board
  2. Artisanal Cheese Board with Alcohol
  3. Bubbly Celebrations
  4. Candy Jar Emporium
  5. Candyland
  6. Home Retreat
  7. Infusions Tea Set
  8. InstaCake Card
  9. Paige's Gluten-Free Gourmet Gift Box
  10. Party Pleaser Tray Small
  11. Rose All Day
  12. Spa Collection Gift Box

Unique Gift Baskets


Are you interested in sending gift baskets that are really unique and beyond the norm? Interested in something that stands out and grabs people’s attention? Check this section for interesting ideas provided by the Nutcracker Sweet professional design team for different ideas for your gift baskets.

Twist in Mainstream

Very different than our typical corporate and more classic baskets, our Unique Gift Ideas section provides a variety of new and innovative ideas for those who like a more creative, less mainstream gift basket that really stands out. Gifts like these contain delicious foods that are not always found in our other gift baskets, but are all consistent with the high quality standard among all of our other products. Some also contain non-edibles in them as well, like plush stuffed animals, indulgent spa products or beautiful wooden keepsakes.

Personal & Unique

These gift baskets are most definitely personal and party pleasers as they impress anyone who they are being sent to; unique gift baskets are so unique and different they will have recipients speechless. Unique gift baskets are made with the highest quality of products and are decorated beautifully with lots of love and care. The one quality that will remain throughout each and every basket is the true essence of that Nutcracker Sweet trademark. This Nutcracker Sweet trademark is for a great, reliable, top quality, and eye catching basket of the most delicious treats and treasured products. The quality and shape will always remain as we aim to please, and to top off each one we present a splash of uniqueness. 

Make it Pop

Gift baskets that are unique stand out, making it the perfect present as these helpful baskets can be adjusted for each and every occasion. Christmas will have items green red and white, where Hanukah will have items white and blue with of course, chocolate gelt. These baskets offer something for everyone, in times of happiness and times of loss. If you are looking for something that is ready to eat after a workout, a pick me up after a long day, or something to warm you up after a cold winters day, we’ve got that unique gift basket for you!  

Tailored Gift Baskets

These gift baskets are unique as they can be tailored for unusual events, everyday wants or specific occasions. Ribbons can have names, events, or companies to cater to the needs of all clients, and the gift wrapping will be the most secure yet beautiful masterpiece a recipient could ask for. What makes a gift basket so unique is tailoring it to specific person’s interests. Whether it’s the specific colour, theme, foods or plush items, all gift baskets will be made to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the recipient. 

Unique Ideas

When it comes to the celebration of a new born, there is simple nothing more special than this. Often times though children feel that this new born baby brother or sister is taking away all the attention. Nutcracker Sweet has come up with the perfect unique solution to make all siblings feel included! Order a baby basket of plush toys, one piece outfits, bibs and more, with that often additional chocolates and plush stuffed animals for the other children! Sharing is caring!

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