Godiva Gift Baskets

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Godiva Gift Baskets

There is a certain type of love and care that goes into the Godiva gift baskets and towers. These handcrafted gifts truly embrace the beauty of Godiva, not only in the packaging of the gift baskets and towers, but the way they are displayed within the basket, and delivered to each and every recipient. Here at Nutcracker Sweet, the Godiva baskets have been the top selling fan favourites each and every year. These chocolates yell flavour after just one bite! As well, these chocolates are inspiring, as after one look, they can make someone smile, and after that first bite will make any mouth water!

Gifting Godiva Chocolate 

Nutcracker Sweet is proud to include a wide variety of high quality products in our gift baskets. Godiva chocolates is one of our customers’ favourite luxury items that we include! Each one better than the one before, we carry many different Godiva items including truffles, dark chocolate almonds and milk chocolate cashews, to name a few. Godiva chocolates are included in many of our gift baskets or make a great addition to any gift!

Chocolate Lovers

Here at Nutcracker, not only do we include Godiva chocolates in certain gift baskets, we actually make gift baskets that only have Godiva chocolates, for those who just love Godiva! Sure to satisfy all chocolate lovers; Godiva is the perfect blend of a sweet cocoa craving and luxury. The quality of Godiva chocolates is so high that it makes perfect sense for us here at Nutcracker to carry these products, and to provide you with beautiful all-Godiva baskets! Quality to presentation has customers continually demanding this fan favourite Godiva treat. This reputation is well deserved as Nutcracker Sweet Godiva collection is the best quality around with a large selection of chocolates! We aim to please, that’s why we have established an exclusive collection of Godiva gift baskets to accommodate the requests of all clients. Multifunctional as corporate or personal gifts, as well as being impressive and delicious, our Godiva gifts are sure to be enjoyed by all who receive them! Additionally, we can add any Godiva product to a basket of your choice for an additional cost.

Why Godiva?

Have your clients eating out of the palm of your hand (literally and figuratively) as these Godiva treats are more than just a chocolate--they are tasteful to the mouth and the heart!  Whatever the occasion, a Godiva basket is a great gift! Its versatility allows it to be a very popular gift amongst our clients. It’s great for things like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or as a thank-you, but it’s also a professional and impressive corporate gift. Chocolate lovers will be craving these Godiva baskets, and they’ll be wishing they had more! Order one today! And remember, Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets delivers to Toronto and the GTA in 1-2 business days. We also deliver anywhere in North America. Be sure to call us in time if you want it delivered on a certain day!

Taking Baskets From Good To Great

Godiva baskets range in price depending on size, quantity and more. Gift baskets have been created for any occasion and budget. Impress any chocolate lover with these delightful gift baskets! The Glorious Godiva baskets come in sharp and chic containers that are great for around the home or office. Inside each basket, find an assortment of Godiva truffles, bars, chocolate nuts and more! It will have you saying, “Go Godiva Go”!!! Great gift ideas come to you from Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets. For 35 years, we have been providing unique gift basket solutions for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a thank you gift basket, or a Christmas gift idea, our gourmet gift baskets provide you with the perfect gift idea to fit your needs.

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