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  1. Bear Nessesities
  2. Bear Nessesities Deluxe
  3. Build Your Own Box Blue
  4. Build Your Own Box Grey
  5. Build Your Own Box Pink
  6. Dino Tails
    Dino Tails
  7. Dino Tails Deluxe
  8. Dusty Rose Luxury Box
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  9. Llamazing Dreams
  10. Muskoka Camper
  11. My Little Unicorn
  12. My Little Unicorn Deluxe

Perfect Plush Gifts


Nutcracker Sweet’s collection of plush toys is next to endless! Plush toys offered here at Nutcracker Sweet range in shape, size and item. Each baby basket is dressed to impress and what better way to do this than with an array of plush animals, plush blankets, plush books and plush attire! It is simply a world of plush at Nutcracker Sweet to ensure your baby basket is nothing but adorable, comfortable and most importantly, child safe.

Plush Gifts For Everyone

Our Sophie the Giraffe baby gift basket is a customer favourite! Whether this is a gift for a new born, infant or toddler, you cannot go wrong! This basket is properly equipped for all teething toddlers, energetic infants and curious new born babies! Various items included in this plush baby basket are, but not limited to, sleepers, baby-sized blankets, socks, interactive picture books and a plush stuffed giraffe!

Nutcracker Sweet Only Offers the Best Plush Gifts

Plush pleases as do Nutcracker Sweet baby gift baskets! With our clients satisfaction at the focus of all decisions made, we promise plush gift baskets as they are not only child safe, child friendly and child proof, but plush toys are definitely adorable to give.  Parent appreciate some rest and relaxation time as their child plays the day away with their favourite toy or stuffie from a Nutcracker Sweet basket. Some recipients have mentioned how the plush baby gift baskets such as Sophie the Giraffe and Noah’s Arc act like a babysitter as they feel their child or children are occupied and of more importance, always safe!

Plush- A Necessity in Baby Gift Baskets

Babies want nothing more than a warm and comforting feeling, two feelings that one gets in the Magic Bunny Chair gift basket. This basket has the most adorable onsies, fuzzy blanket, Jellycat plush, a book, booties, and a whole lot more that could bring anyone that warm and fuzzy feeling. It is only appropriate that all baby gift baskets have an array of plush toys to ensure constant smiles, laughter and comfort! From sleeping to playing, the baskets will provide an activity for all adventures. A plush toy to snuggle up with in bed, bibs to wear during feeding time or socks to keep those toes toasty; you cannot go wrong with a Nutcracker plush baby gift basket.

Nutcracker Sweet’s Gift Baskets Has you Covered

It’s not our first rodeo here at Nutcracker Sweet, with over 30 years of experience, we promise to deliver a plush baby gift basket that is handcrafted to perfection! All baby gift baskets are packed in bundles that are so adorable and inviting that they are almost impossible to say no to! Our gift basket containers range from something as simple as a red plush basket to an intricate and unique idea of an animal print hamper that is soft and exciting. The packaging of baskets that hold all the essential baby items together are a crucial part of the baby basket gift! At Nutcracker Sweet, we love to create the best line of baby baskets and we never forget to add in an adorable plush toy in each and every basket!

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