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Embroider Your Baby Gift Baskets


Nutcracker Sweet offers a selection of vibrant and creative embroidered products. Embroidery can be featured on adorable blankets, bath towels, stuffed teddies and a whole lot more. Nutcracker Sweet also carries an array of throw blankets long enough for adults and small yet cozy enough for the little ones. These blankets are a blank canvas in that they can be embroidered to a personal perfection for that special someone! Whether it’s a friend, family member or colleague, nothing says how much you care about someone then with that extra touch of thought through appeal! Designs can range as simple as someone’s name, to something as intricate as an animal print. I you want it done, we will try our very best to make it possible! There are endless possibilities with Nutcracker Sweet’s embroidered  designs.

Make it Special With Embroidery

Celebrations, holidays and special occasion’s all call for some sentimental gifts and what a better form of sentiment than embroidery! From anniversary’s, to baby gifts, we can embroider to suit the needs of all recipients! Themes that usually call for embroidery consist of baby births, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas gifts and the list goes on.

Baby Girl, Boy & Neutral Embroidery

Every little boys and little girls deserve a soft and cuddly blanket to fall asleep with, walk around with and hold onto until they are all grown up. Blankets are used as a childhood memory as they collect all of ups and all of  downs with it. Make your child’s first blanket that much more cherished by getting something embroidered on it to let your child to know it’s theirs always and forever.

Embroidery for Everyone

Make your little princess feel that much more loved by getting her name or nick name embroidered on a baby one piece, baby booties or throw baby-sized blanket from Nutcracker Sweet. Every little prince deserves the same, from a pair of socks, baby blanket or much more.  Get them something embroidered to remember and of course, last forever! Are you stressed out over a baby gift for a couple who is still unsure of what they are naming their baby? Well, Nutcracker Sweet offers a variety of different outfits and baby throw blankets that can be absolutely perfect! Why not embroider the baby's birth date! Girl, boy, twins, gender neutral, named or unnamed, Nutcracker Sweet's options for embroidery are endless!

Customized Creations

A creative and customized solution to making your gift stand out at a baby shower or baby birthday is with embroidery! Where else can you get a baby one piece or baby-sized throw blanket not only embroidered, but perfectly and beautifully tied up in a handcrafted basket! Baby baskets can include anything from baby shoes, toy link rings, 5 piece onesie set, plush animals, throw blankets, wagons and more! Do not miss out on the embroidered baby gift basket of the century! Embroidery can take a simple item, such as a blanket, and make it into something of elegance through this decorating method. Nutcracker Sweet has been around for over 30 years, as we drive to make our gifting bigger and better each and every year. Embroidery adds that extra element to go above and beyond all recipient expectations, an aspect that motivates the success of all gift baskets!

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