Snacking Gift Baskets

Let’s talk for a second about everyone’s favorite meal of the day: snack time! Snacks are loved by all and are a great way to bring people together over food. Sometimes you may need to grab a quick on-the-run snack, or sometimes you’re snacking while your working. Other times you may have people drop by, and you want something to serve, but it’s not time for a meal, so you have a quick snack together!

There are also lots of times where you will need Snacking Gift Baskets! Often times when entertaining your plan may be to have your guests arrive before you have cooked their meal. If this is the case, it is always nice to have something out for your guests to snack on, which is where Nutcracker Sweet can help you out!

One great idea for a snacking gift basket is a sharable tray! Our sharable trays are beautiful, impressive, plentiful and just plain delicious. They come with a delectable assortment of delicious candied nuts, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered pretzels, Hershey kisses and so much more. They are great for people to just grab a handful nuts or chocolates and to have a little bite while waiting on the main meal!

Another great snacking gift basket is our Cheese Basket! Our Cheese Basket is elegant and sophisticated, and is also great to serve as a snack for guests, or really for anything. The delicious cheeses and crackers along with the beautiful brie baker and cutting board make for a delicious and impressive-looking snack for your guests!

Nutcracker Sweet provides a large range of gift baskets varying in size, price, style and purpose. We have a wide array of baskets that are perfect for all your snacking needs. Call a knowledgeable and friendly Nutcracker Sweet sales associate today to talk about the perfect gift basket for you!

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