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Monday, November 4th, 2013
35 years of Amazing Gift Giving

Nutcracker Sweet is celebrating it’s 35th anniversary. Our journey started in 1984 as a small gift basket business on Avenue Rd., where our creative and delicious gifts made their debut. Over the years we have grown and today we have emerged as one of the largest gift basket companies in Canada.

As we look through the window into the 21st century we can assure our clients that we will continue to search for the best products and the latest trends. Our creative team will continue to strive and create the most unique gifts and our customer service will continue to be dedicated to helping you choose the perfect gift for your special occasions.

We now have a corporate department dedicated to serving our large corporate clientele. We will help you create a custom line of gifts for your specific business. Just give us a call and ask for the corporate department.

35 years later we are still as passionate and excited about our business as we were when it opened. We look forward to taking that passion forward into the 21st century.

Nutcracker Sweet Celebrates 25 years of Gracious Gift Giving

Toronto, ON, October 9th, 2008  - Elaine Akler took a chance and bought a small local health/bulk food store on Avenue Road.   She could not wait to unleash her creativity and develop her dream of a gift basket business, providing customers with her gift of genuine personal service.  Twenty-five years later, Nutcracker Sweet has evolved into a gift basket emporium delivering across Canada and to over 30 countries.  A 25-year-old hit song by Phil Collins says it all… “Against All Odds/Take A Look At Me Now!” 

Ms. Akler reflects, “Our employees, some, who have been with us for over 20 years, enjoy helping people celebrate and go that extra mile.  They are an integral part of our team, enthusiastically undertaking many roles, and the main impetus that has propelled our success.”  She related that “One Christmas, a customer called and, amidst all of the holiday fuss, they had forgotten their parents’ anniversary.  As no courier was immediately available, one of our staff just got in their car, drove to the party being held in a restaurant in the Beaches and presented the customized gift basket.”    

Nutcracker Sweet’s niche is defined by the reliable delivery of au currant quality gift items; epicurean indulgences, tempting noshes and decorator container treasures.  Well-received gifts that won’t be dismissed because the contents are not the right size, are inappropriate, wilted or past the “best before date”.  “Knowing what’s hot and what’s not, just adds to the excitement of what we do”, Ms. Akler added.  “When low-carb diets were the rage, the South Beach Basket was popular.  Now our constantly updated collection includes innovative baskets with themes such as natural/organic treats, golf, spa, and cooking.” 

The extensive database maintains clients’ specific preferences from the conventional to the eccentric. 

Twenty-five years ago the most popular gift basket was “The Bucket of Fun”, a personalized pail filled to the brim with candy and bulk food in baggies, along with a Mylar balloon.  Today, the “baskets” are all reusable; treasured glass bowls/platters, fondue sets, hat boxes, ice buckets, designer-insulated lunch bags, magazine holders, colanders, planters, wooden hampers, diaper bags, rocking chairs, toy chests and wagons.

Continuing as a family business, Elaine’s nephew joined the company in 2004.  Earning his M.B.A. from Dalhousie University, he majored in Strategy & Entrepreneurial Finance.  He fine-tuned the company’s operation and administrative areas and expanded the corporate program by developing “Business Solutions”.  Designed specifically to handle corporate gift requests, Mr. Frimet states “The premise of “Business Solutions” is like having your own personal assistant or concierge – where it takes just one phone call and the request is filled efficiently and expeditiously.  Mr. Frimet recalls, “A red-eye night for employees when a late order of 600 gift baskets from a new client, a major national technology company, had to be delivered within 48 hours. The quantity was not the challenge as much as the limited timing. Now a regular customer due to our employees’ extraordinary personal service, that’s a business solution – both theirs and ours!”

Gone is the environmentally-wasteful packaging, replaced by CFC-free packing chips, now over 95% starch and completely biodegradable, as well as recyclable cello.  Shipping boxes are much smaller and made from recycled materials.

The quality and care of every aspect of the business is illustrated in the extensive full-colour glossy award-winning catalogue with the special 25th anniversary catalogue to be unveiled mid-October.  There is something for everyone with gifts from $36.00 to $1,000.00 and that about wraps it up!

For 25 years Nutcracker Sweet has creatively helped people celebrate life’s sweetest moments.  From births, birthdays and holidays, to all corporate requests, the company’s attention to personal service now extends to delivering the finest quality gift baskets across Canada and to over 30 countries across the globe.  Website:

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