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Valentine's Day Gift Baskets

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Every year, Valentine’s Day comes before you know it—and before you know what to buy for your loved one as a gift! Thankfully, Nutcracker Sweet has just what you need! Sending your loved one a gift basket is a good option to avoid that last-minute rush to figure out a gift—and to eliminate the possibility of forgetting or never finding one!

Whether it’s to say “I love you”, to get to know someone better, or to remind someone of just how much you care, Nutcracker Sweet provides the best selection of gift baskets in all of Toronto for you to choose from.


Be Mine Baskets

If the gift basket is for a spouse, you know what they like, so go full out on pampering them and making them feel special! Choose a gift basket overflowing with treats and goodies that you know your loved one likes! That way, he or she will see how much thought you have put into your gift selection, and they’re sure to know how much you really care. Chocolate gifts tend to be a popular choice on Valentine’s Day, and Nutcracker Sweet has a wide selection of treats. Another great option is doing a spa gift. It’s a very nice way of showing someone that you really care for them, and they will appreciate the thought that you want them to enjoy some relaxation.

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day gifts are great “I’m sorry” presents! So if you’re stuck in the dog house or things haven’t been going as planned lately it’s a nice idea to get a gift basket to make up for it. Nutcracker Sweet provides a personalized card where a customized message of your choice can be typed out in a nice font for your loved one to find.

A Basket of Romance

If Valentine’s Day for you is about telling someone special how you feel, or showing them that you would like to get a little bit closer, Nutcracker Sweet has the perfect gift basket tips for you. Whether it’s someone corporate from the office or maybe just a colleague you’ve been introduced to a few times, it’s important to choose the right gift.  Send a nice gift basket that subtly conveys your message. We suggest staying away from buying an overly-extravagant or spa-related gift basket.

Mix & Match this Valentine's Day

Try to look for gift baskets with a mixture of sweet and gourmet foods. Sometimes it is hard to know if they prefer sweet or savory food, and this way you will give them a great mixture of both. Plus, it will cater to their inner sweet-tooth and foodie at the same time. You can have your gift basket decorated with traditional Valentine’s Day colours, or if you think it’s not the right time, our professional design team will put on bow and ribbon colours of your choice. It’s really all up to you.

Spread the Love Nutcracker Sweet Style

Nutcracker Sweet will deliver your Valentine’s Day gift baskets anywhere in North America! Call us early enough to get your gifts there on time on a date of your choice!