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Show her your appreciation

Finding the perfect gift for the woman in your life can be very difficult. We know how hard it is to get it just right, so a beautiful gift basket is the best answer! We have come up with stunning baskets for busy moms, businesswomen, friends, and family! For hardworking ladies, it can be the most wonderful thing in the world to receive the gift of relaxation or the gift of sweet indulgence. They are sure to appreciate these thoughtful, practical, and indulgent gifts.

Sweet tooth

If treats are something your gal never remembers to get herself, shower her with the luxury of our Godiva or Lindt baskets, or even a chocolate tower and remind her that she deserves the best. No matter what the occasion, every woman will feel special when they receive a thoughtful and fun gift like this!

Spa Sensation

Every woman regardless of age, profession or personality, deserves and will be overjoyed to experience a fabulous spa day. Bring her the experience of pampering to have at home! The best and highest quality creams, lotions and spa tools are all included in our spa baskets to provide her with a beautifully relaxing experience. Bring her the gift of comforting sensations and therapeutic aromas; sure to be a treat for her senses and create memories to be treasured.

For the health nut

Lots of us are aiming to be kinder to our bodies and increase our overall health and wellness. Why not show your support for the healthy eater by providing the treats she deserves, all made to make it past the inspection of the health-conscious. Simply because she is being a wise diner, doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to indulge and have treats just like everyone else! Our gluten-free, organic and sugar free baskets are beautifully displayed and artfully appeal to the sweet-lover in all of us, without all the guilt.


Choosing a gift for a woman, no matter who it is, can be very difficult. Everyone wants to choose great gifts that show a high level of thought and care, but sometimes we just have no idea what to get! There are so many types of gifts that are very cliché that some people fall back on every year for whatever occasion simply because they can’t think of some new ideas, and it can get pretty boring after a while! That’s why Nutcracker Sweet is here to serve you. We are proud to have such a large gift selection that allows us to provide gifts for every single person, on every single occasion.


One of the most common days of the year that we need to buy gifts for her is on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day gifts from sons and husbands are often hard to think of—this is due to the fact that sometimes sons and husbands do not know what kinds of gifts women want. So instead of falling back on things like flowers, candles or simply plain old gift cards, go for a beautiful Nutcracker Sweet gift baskets Toronto. For example, a spa gift basket from Nutcracker Sweet is a great option for a son buying his mother a Mother’s Day gift. Buying her a day at the spa can get very pricey, and sometimes that’s not affordable. However, you can bring a little bit of spa and relaxation to her with one of our spa gift baskets. This way you know she will love her Mother’s Day gift, because she’ll know you put a lot of thought into it—it most definitely will not go unappreciated. Or, for a husband who is simply starting to run out of ideas, almost any gift basket in the store can be made to look and feel romantic, so you can get that perfect, well thought-through Mother’s Day gift for your wife.


Another tough gift day during the year is Valentine’s Day. There is a lot of pressure on both men and women to buy the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for their significant other. Try bringing that cliché box of chocolates to the next level by sending something like our all-chocolate baskets, or even trying out our indulgent Godiva Gift Baskets. These are sure to be romantic, heartfelt and delicious! Your girlfriend or wife will appreciate that you put a spin on a classic gift.

What our customers say

  • NivMizzet13
    a week ago
    Often the measure of quality of service comes when things don't go smoothly. I placed an order for delivery of a gift, and the driver had some difficulties due to geography, and also incorrect date/times given. The company kept in touch with us, and corrected everything without incident. Quality customer service!
  • Marina Arzanova
    a month ago
    An absolutely fantastic ordering experience with Nutcracker Sweet! Everyone was very nice which made my ordering process painless and fast;) I love their basket selection! I have already looked through the new catalog for Christmas gift ideas! I will order again 100%! P.S. Thanks for the wonderful custom postcard and ribbon๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
  • Crystal
    a month ago
    Great customer service! They were very helpful in answering my questions regarding to custom baby baskets. Would recommend !
  • Sabrina Kassam
    2 months ago
    Love this place! I use them to send baskets to friends and family. Never been disappointed! They go above and beyond to make sure everything is done beautifully. Highly recommend! :)
  • abbas0190 naqvi
    2 months ago
    Wonderful. Cheap place to park on weekends. Amazing open 24/7. Close to all downtown core. User friendly garage. A Lovely place.
  • Farzana Murji
    2 months ago
    Received a gift basket for my baby girl. Loved it!! Everything inside was great quality and so cute. She has used every single item from the basket. Definitely recommend it.
  • Chen Victor
    10 months ago
    Good location. But itโ€™s difficult to park my F150 there, a lot of sharp turns down there.
  • Linda W
    a year ago
    $13 for weekend, not bad for downtown. There were many available spots. You have to go down a curvy spiral for many levels to reach the parking spots.
  • Jillian McKinley
    2 years ago
    On site Dove auto detailing and valet is awesome. For the discounted/free parking you can't beat coming out to a clean car. They did a great job on the in/out detail.
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