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Nutcracker Sweets' Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets Participates in Corporate Social Responsibility

At Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets, we view our organization as an important corporate citizen in the community. We want to ensure our business practices are respectful to the needs of society and take the necessary steps to avoid impacting the environment negatively. In order to ensure this goal, we take part in responsible and above board business practices and have instituted Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives within the organization. With a rise of risks imposed on the environment from individuals and companies alike, Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets wants to decrease their ecological footprint in any way we can. Thus, within our everyday business operations, we have adopted initiatives to ensure we do our best to protect the environment.

We use biodegradable packing chips for all our products!

Our Initiatives

Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets Only Uses Packing Peanuts

We are committed in using only biodegradable packing peanuts for the filling and packaging of all of our gift baskets. Our packing peanuts are made from corn starch, which is 100% biodegradable, natural and nontoxic! Anyone can easily dispose their packing chips by letting them dissolve under running water or throwing them into a compost pile! Accumulating waste has had a terrible effect on our environment. It was crucial for us to adopt these packing chips into our everyday business practices.


Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets Reduces, Reuses and Recycles


Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets encourages its staff to actively participate in reducing waste, reusing, and recycling as much as possible! We encourage all of our staff, from our warehouse employees to our customer service representatives, to be aware and conscious of the accumulation of waste and to recycle. Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets is responsible to provide the staff with the correct resources. Thus, we have a number of recycling bins located throughout the facility. The employees are kindly reminded to recycle as much as possible!

Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets uses Cedar Springs Water Systems to reduce the use of plastic water bottles


Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets Says NO to Plastic Water Bottles

As mentioned, the Management staff knows how important it is to provide employees with the resources to avoid taking part in the harm being done to the environment. A huge and growing concern is the accumulation of plastic pollution, specifically plastic water bottles. We have utilized Cedar Springs Water systems to provide water to the employees and the staff have been asked to use a reusable water container. We have observed that providing employees with this option has definitely decreased the need to bring a different plastic water bottle into work every day.


Only Energy Efficient Lighting at Nutcracker Sweet


Within our Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets facility, we have adopted energy-efficient lighting all through the warehouse and office. Despite the expensive price tag attached to this form of lighting, we observed a huge advantage within the business but, more importantly, outside of the business. These light bulbs can last 3 to 25 times longer than regular light bulbs, thus saving money in the long run. We work in partner with all our suppliers to preserve energy, reduce waste and adopt more sustainable business practices.

Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets Participates in Charity

At Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets, we aim to never miss a charity event! And in order to do that, we often treat our wonderful staff to treats, snacks and even meals! While other organizations host their own charity events, Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets is a proud supporter of all charities. For example, during Tim Horton’s Camp Day, the staff was treated to a delicious morning coffee and donuts thus donating to the Tim Hortons' Children Camps organization. Similarly, on McHappy day hosted by McDonald's, McDonald meals were provided to the staff because a portion of each purchase was donated to support Ronald McDonald’s House Charities. In the same manner, lunch was on the boss during Pizza Nova’s fundraising event for Variety Village, to support young people with disabilities or facing developmental barriers to acheive life goals. There are a number of charity events that the Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets team is proud to support and be future participants!


              Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets provides staff with breakfast to support the Ronald McDonald's House Charities.             The staff at Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets enjoy a Tim Horton's breakfast to support Camp Day!              Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets have Pizza Nova at Lunch to support the Variety Village

Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets Practices Philanthropy

At Nutcracker Sweet, many of our clients have asked us to participate in their favourite charities by donating a basket and we are always happy to oblige . Over the years, we have donated many baskets and believe it to be an integral part of our corporate responsibility to the community. Also, any unused and short dated food is donated to one of the major Toronto food banks so it can be given to people in need. Nothing goes to waste. Our employees also have their favourite charities and Nutcracker Sweet never misses an opportunity to donate to these charities when the need arises.


Crohns & Colitis

A special partnership has been forged with Crohn’s and Colitis Canada. A donation for the purchase price of a custom baby ribbon will be given to Crohn’s and Colitis. This custom ribbon is only $5.00 and 100% of this money will be donated. We are hoping to raise $2500 throughout the year for this worthy cause. Your participation is greatly appreciated!


What our customers say

  • Aviva Levman
    in the last week
    I recently ordered a gift basket and I was very impressed. The packaging is top notch and the treats are delicious. I highly recommend getting your next gift basket from Nutcracker Sweets!
  • JFphotography
    in the last week
    My clients absolutely loved the gifts!!! The quality of the gifts and especially the customer service made it a great experience.
  • Kiruthika Kugadasan
    in the last week
    I visited this place for the first time. The staff was very helpful and made my visit very pleasant. I did not purchase a lot and i purchased standalone items but still they put effort to make it more presentable. Definitely recommend.
  • Sal Folino
    in the last week
    Came in to the store and the customer service team was very helpful. They worked together to put my custom order together. Very excited to work with them this holiday season for our corporate order!
  • Memem Geen
    in the last week
    Incredible service- incredible experience. The customer service team was going above and beyond and made my anniversary gift so special with the bubbly celebrations!
  • Eunice Deveza
    3 weeks ago
    Nutcracker sweet is my favourite place to get my baskets. Their selection is always with great quality and I can trust that the product will get to its destination in a timely manner. Their staff has always been friendly, kind and helpful even when I make trips to the store. Their cheeseboard is one of my favourites, I purchased it for some friends and had to get myself one too and it was amazing.
  • Turan Vazirova
    in the last week
    I love this company because they provide amazing customer service and always go above and beyond to make sure everything goes smoothly with my orders. Their baskets are very high quality, and always look amazing! It’s one of my favourite places to shop for gifts!
  • Tom
    2 months ago
    Great experience, website was easy to navigate and order. Got the basket for my sister and husband for Christmas, they are always difficult to buy for but they loved the basket . The gift basket arrived when promised, will use Nutcracker Sweet again . Highly recommend
  • Denise Park
    in the last week
    Customer Service was extremely helpful and friendly. ConduitHR Consulting will definitely use Nutcracker again.
  • Johnny Villanueva
    in the last week
    The gift basket we bought from Nutcracker Sweet is awesome. Quality stuff indeed!
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