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Let us just say two words: CHOCOLATE. SHOP. Yup, that’s right people! Nutcracker sweet has it's own “chocolate shop” which consists of multiple baskets containing only chocolate covered, coded or pure inside and out chocolate products. We can’t think of anything better for that sweet-tooth chocoholic!

A World of Sweets

Nutcracker Sweet has been making this world sweeter and tastier than ever with one chocolate at a time! For 30 years and counting, our one stop chocolate shop has been creating legendary handcrafted gift baskets. There is always something tasty being created at Nutcracker Sweet, as we cater to the needs and wants of our amazing and loyal customers. We have the traditional to unconventional chocolates that are often hard to find, yet when found, held onto and ordered in copious amounts! We carry over 50 different exquisite chocolates including truffles from Godiva, Lindt, Sorini, Ghirardelli, and our own line of unique flavour creations! Tease your taste buds and be sure to please your palate with each and every offered chocolate shop gift basket. 

Charlie & Sam 

Nutcracker Sweet's Chocolate Shop includes the Charlie & Sam’s brand, a delicious chocolate company. They are an evolutionary chocolate brand who looked to invent new chocolate combinations! Successfully, they have experimented with chocolate for years and have created award winning new chocolate products. Charlie & Sam’s contain an array of products such as chocolate covered caramelized popcorn, chocolate covered almonds, peanut butter pretzels, chocolate covered raspberries, and mint chocolate puffs. All of these items are out of this world, and contain a taste unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Any chosen basket that contains such tastefully delicious high quality treats are gift baskets you do not want to miss out on!  

New to the Chocolate Game 

Nutcracker Chocolate Shop is pleased to announce that we are once again expanding our gift basket collection to provide new and innovative tasty treats. The collection of tasteful goods includes twists and turns on old items or 100 percent new to the shelf items. Products such as, S'mores, cream filled truffles, shortbread cookies, spiced chocolate pretzels, chocolate nuts, caramel popcorn, and sponge toffee are included! A definite  Pikes Peak, along with more delicious surprises within our chocolate shop section! 

Wonderfully Tasteful Assortments 

If chocolate is your guilty pleasure, and you are in need of that daily fix, we are guaranteeing Nutcracker Sweet has just the cure! With over 50 different types of delicious sweets and treats e different delicious handmade products to choose from, we can satisfy even the biggest chocoholic. We have something for every taste: creamy caramel, fluffy marshmallow and delicate creams, not to mention truffles, cherries, peanut butter cups and, of course, fudge.

Something for Everyone

Nutcracker Sweet carries baskets for all occasions, and with a wide variety of textures and flavours. We’ve got baskets for the tea-lovers, the savoury eaters, and the sweet-tooth’s! Why should chocoholics be left out? All of our gift baskets from our chocolate shop are perfect as presents for a chocoholic on their birthday, wedding day or anniversary. They are also great as thank you gifts or hostess gifts! Sometimes, if going over to someone’s house and they’ve asked for dessert, people will bring a chocolate shop basket for everyone to share! It’s professional and impressive and sure to be devoured within minutes! Order your all-chocolate gift basket ASAP!


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A chocolatey bounty of chocolicious goodness packed in what we like to call our Chocolate Cravings gift basket  2 days ago

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