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Passover Gift Baskets

In times of necessary social distancing, the holidays are no exception. We want you to know that even if you can’t physically make it to a Seder with loved ones, your well wishes can! As families get creative with virtual Seders and other ways to celebrate safely, we too are adapting to ensure our beautiful assortment of Passover gifts can be delivered responsibly.


Click here to learn more about how we plan to operate responsibly throughout the upcoming holiday season.

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Gatherings in the Jewish family include three essentials; friends, family and most importantly, food! A large festivity that takes place this year on Wednesday, April 8th through to Thursday, April 16th 2020 is a holiday called Passover. During Passover, everyone will gather and tell stories, ask the questions and feast while enjoying the company of those they hold near and dear. This year the First Seder is on April 8th , and while Passover 2020 may look a little different than usual, the Nutcracker Sweet team would like to send wishes of happiness and health to you and yours - Chag Sameach to all! 


Kosher for Passover Gifts

Whether you like it or not, there’s no bread on Passover. No cookies, cakes, peanuts, pasta and a million of our other favorite foods—for 8 whole days. How will you survive…? With a Nutcracker Sweet gift basket of course! Nutcracker Sweet provides Kosher-for-Passover gift baskets! Now you can order one for yourself or for family and friends all to enjoy a delicious assortment of food over Passover! Say good-bye to the old kosher grocery store snacks and say hello to some delicious high-quality Kosher-for-Passover foods! Various arrangements that Nutcracker Sweet offers labelled certified kosher for Passover include but, not limited to exclusive and exquisite Paerve Belgian Dark Chocolate creations -- Almond Bark, Raisin Clusters and Espresso Chocolate Thins. All of our gift baskets are strictly kosher for Passover. Each one of these delicious treats is far too good to pass over!

Kosher Creations

To assist in making the holidays smooth and seamless, Nutcracker Sweet allows for special items to be included in items purchased. If you want that kosher for Passover bottle of wine to be delivered within Ontario, give us a call, we will do it! If there is a specific beverage or item not offered at Nutcracker, you can bring it in and we will include it in the basket selected! As well, each kosher for Passover gift basket is tied to perfection with a ribbon that is suited for the occasion.

Additional Passover Goodies

Other items that are available for Passover include products to maintain the shape of the basket, and other edible arrangements that have a quantity large enough to alleviate the hunger at the seder table! These include ceramic and glass dishes, wicker trays filled with dried fruit, almonds and raisins, chocolate and fruit jellies. All of this and more are perfect gifts for celebrating the holiday of Passover with family and friends. A full description of each basket is available to help you make the right choice, or call us at 416-782-3232 for individual and personalized service. We will do what it takes to ensure the highest satisfaction from each and every client, if you want something extra, we will make it happen!

Pesach Basket Accommodations

To make ordering your Passover gifts easy, you can order online or give us a call. Holidays pose much in depth preparation and stress, so Nutcracker wants to alleviate that by implementation a same day delivery service with just a click of a button! Have your kosher for Passover gift basket at the door step of your recipient within hours! We understand that the holiday may look a little different than normal, but we're here to help you send thoughtful gifts and wishes to your famiy and friends in any way we can, and to find some normalcy in this not so normal time.