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Passover Gift Baskets Toronto

With such an important and busy holiday coming up, it is important to be prepared! Here at Nutcracker Sweet we take a lot of pride in the Passover gift baskets we make and how they get delivered. Take pride in knowing that you will be sending gourmet Kosher Passover gifts either with same-day or next-day delivery.


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Kosher for Passover Gifts

Whether you like it or not, there’s no bread on Passover. No cookies, cakes, peanuts, pasta and a million of our other favorite foods—for 8 whole days. How will you survive…?

With a Nutcracker Sweet gift basket of course! Nutcracker Sweet provides Kosher-for-Passover gift baskets in Toronto, Canada! Now you can order one for yourself or for family and friends all to enjoy a delicious assortment of food over Passover including our most popular Kosher for Passover style Passover trays! Say good-bye to the old kosher grocery store snacks and say hello to some delicious high-quality Kosher-for-Passover foods!


Various arrangements that Nutcracker Sweet offers labelled certified kosher for Passover include but, not limited to exclusive and exquisite Paerve Belgian Dark Chocolate creations -- Almond Bark, Raisin Clusters and Espresso Chocolate Thins. All of our gift baskets are strictly kosher for Passover. Each one of these delicious treats is far too good to pass over!

Kosher Creations Passover Gifts

To assist in making the holidays smooth and seamless, Nutcracker Sweet allows for special items to be included in items purchased.

If you want that Kosher for Passover bottle of wine to be delivered within Ontario, give us a call, we will do it! If there is a specific beverage or item not offered at Nutcracker, you can bring it in and we will include it in the gift basket selected! As well, each Kosher for Passover gift basket is tied to perfection with a ribbon that is suited for the occasion.

Additional Passover Goodies

Other items that are available for Passover include products to maintain the shape of the basket, and other edible arrangements that have a quantity large enough to alleviate the hunger at the seder table! These include ceramic and glass dishes, wicker trays filled with dried fruit, almonds and raisins, chocolate and fruit jellies.


All of this and more are perfect gifts for celebrating the holiday of Passover with family and friends. A full description of each gift basket is available to help you make the right choice, or call us at 416-782-3232 for individual and personalized service. We will do what it takes to ensure the highest satisfaction from each and every client, if you want something extra, we will make it happen!

Pesach Basket Accommodations Toronto

To make ordering your Passover gifts easy, you can order online or give us a call. Holidays pose much in-depth preparation and stress, so Nutcracker wants to alleviate that by implementing a same-day delivery service with just a click of a button!


Have your Kosher for Passover gift baskets at the doorstep of your recipient within hours! We understand that the holiday may look a little different than normal, but we're here to help you send thoughtful gifts and wishes to your family and friends in any way we can and to find some normalcy in this not-so-normal time.

Nutcracker Sweet Passover Gift Baskets Toronto

Why choose Nutcracker Sweet's Passover Gift Baskets Toronto, Canada? Because we have all the decadent Kosher for Passover gift baskets that are Kosher Certified. We also have our very popular Kosher for Passover style Passover trays. 


Get all your Passover gift baskets delivered for same-day delivery or next-day delivery in Toronto. You'll never miss the celebrations when you are purchasing with Nutcracker Sweet and our Kosher-certified Passover gift baskets in Toronto.


Frequently Asked Questions About Nutcracker Sweet Passover Gift Baskets In Toronto


Our Gift Baskets

What Types Of Passover Gift Baskets Does Nutcracker Sweet Offer?

Nutcracker Sweet offers a huge arrangement of Passover gift baskets that are all Kosher for Passover certified!
We also have our very popular Kosher-style Passover trays, which offer a great solution to large family gatherings.

Our Passover gifts make this time of year stress-free and make it so you can still enjoy your favourite foods while celebrating Passover in Toronto.

Who Should Buy Nutcracker Sweet Passover Gift Baskets?

Anyone can enjoy our delicious Passover gifts even if you are not Kosher. Our Passover baskets and Passover trays are enjoyed for this special time of year but we also have a Kosher selection of gifts that can be enjoyed all year round!

Call today to get your Kosher Passover trays and baskets for same-day or next-day delivery!

Where Does Nutcracker Sweet Offer Passover Gift Baskets?

Nutcracker Sweet offers our special selection of Kosher Passover gift baskets all across North America!
We ship our Passover gift baskets anywhere you need us to! We also offer same-day and next-day delivery for all those in Toronto, Canada.

Out Passover gift baskets and Passover trays ship quickly and safety anywhere you need them too. So call today for tomorrow delivery!

What Comes In Nutcracker Sweet Passover Gift Baskets?

We fill our Passover baskets and Passover trays with all gourmet chocolate, Matzas, dried fruit and so many more Kosher for Passover goodies.

If you would like to make a custom KosherPassover basket you can easily do that by giving us a call and supplying details.

Call us today to make your Kosher Passover gift basket stand out!

How Can I Personalize My Passover Gift Baskets?

You can easily customize your Passover gifts by adding additional Kosher for Passover products to send your Passover gift basket over the top!

You can either call us or drop by our store to make your very own Passover gift basket. We also have the option for adding on a custom Passover ribbon that makes your Passover gift basket an eye-catcher and shows even more love for the holiday.


Where Does Nutcracker Sweet Offer Passover Gift Baskets?

Nutcracker Sweet offers Passover gift basket delivery all across North America!
Our main location in which you can come in and the shop is our location at Chesswood Drive in Toronto, although we can ship your Passover gift baskets across the GTA for same-day or next-day delivery.

How Do You Get Passover Gift Basket Delivery In Toronto, Canada?

You can easily get a Passover gift basket delivered in Toronto, Canada by calling us or ordering online.

If you order a Passover gift basket in Toronto, Canada you can select to either receive same-day or next-day delivery.
Get all your Passover gift baskets or Passover trays delivered anywhere in Toronto, Canada with Nutcracker Sweet!


Can I Order More Than One Passover Gift Basket In Toronto?

Yes, you can definitely order more than one Passover gift basket in Toronto!
You may even receive a discount for ordering more than one Passover gift basket to the same location in Toronto.
We have a large selection of Passover gift baskets as well as Passover trays to send to all your family members and friends.

How Do I Change Something To My Passover Gift Baskets?

You can simply call us to make any changes to your Passover gifts. You may be able to change the recipient information if your gifts have not been sent out yet.

Call us to make any changes to your order in terms of products in the Passover basket or recipient information.


How Do I Place A Large Or Bulk Order For Passover Gift Baskets In Toronto?

You can call or email to make arrangements for your large Passover gifts.
When you are happy with your large Passover order you can fill out our corporate ordering form. We can get your large order for Passover gifts delivered in a timely manner and with all the customizations you would like, including luxury wine, champagne, spirits, or gourmet Kosher chocolate add-ons.

Call today to make arrangements for your large order of Passover gift baskets!

How Do I Order A Passover Gift Basket In Toronto?

You can order a Passover gift basket by giving us a call or ordering online! It is easy to have a stress-free and Kosher-filled Passover gift basket.

Add wine, champagne, and luxury Kosher chocolates to your Passover gift basket and get them delivered the same day or the next day with Nutcracker Sweet!

What our customers say

  • Kiruthika Kugadasan
    in the last week
    I visited this place for the first time. The staff was very helpful and made my visit very pleasant. I did not purchase a lot and i purchased standalone items but still they put effort to make it more presentable. Definitely recommend.
  • Sal Folino
    in the last week
    Came in to the store and the customer service team was very helpful. They worked together to put my custom order together. Very excited to work with them this holiday season for our corporate order!
  • Memem Geen
    in the last week
    Incredible service- incredible experience. The customer service team was going above and beyond and made my anniversary gift so special with the bubbly celebrations!
  • Eunice Deveza
    3 weeks ago
    Nutcracker sweet is my favourite place to get my baskets. Their selection is always with great quality and I can trust that the product will get to its destination in a timely manner. Their staff has always been friendly, kind and helpful even when I make trips to the store. Their cheeseboard is one of my favourites, I purchased it for some friends and had to get myself one too and it was amazing.
  • Turan Vazirova
    in the last week
    I love this company because they provide amazing customer service and always go above and beyond to make sure everything goes smoothly with my orders. Their baskets are very high quality, and always look amazing! It’s one of my favourite places to shop for gifts!
  • Tom
    2 months ago
    Great experience, website was easy to navigate and order. Got the basket for my sister and husband for Christmas, they are always difficult to buy for but they loved the basket . The gift basket arrived when promised, will use Nutcracker Sweet again . Highly recommend
  • Denise Park
    in the last week
    Customer Service was extremely helpful and friendly. ConduitHR Consulting will definitely use Nutcracker again.
  • Johnny Villanueva
    in the last week
    The gift basket we bought from Nutcracker Sweet is awesome. Quality stuff indeed!
  • Doreen Bowden
    in the last week
    The basket I selected and the service that I received in helping me select the Special basket for my family was absolutely beautiful it was a joy that they received such a gorgeous selection to enjoy
  • Ideen Sabaghe-Kermani
    a week ago
    A lot of space, but easy to navigate, just drive slowly!
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