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Lindt & Ghirardelli Gift Baskets

The luxury of Lindt and Ghirardelli is known all around the world! The famous chocolatiers are renowned for a good, in fact, a great reason- their products truly live up to chocolate’s famed status as ‘the food of the gods’. The quality of Lindt and Ghirardelli is beyond excellent—it’s supreme!

World-Renowned Chocolates

Shape, texture, wrapping and taste has been perfected by wise selected sweets and treats that top the charts year after year. People say dress to impress as first impressions are merely everything! That is why Nutcracker Sweet offers a large selection of Lindt and Ghirardelli chocolates as they not only taste delicious but are made in a way to suit each and every occasion.

Gifting Corporate Style

Corporate occasions have just been made a lot easier as gifts are one stress of the list! There is nothing more that can say luxury and thank you than that of a neatly handcrafted Nutcracker Sweet gift basket. Ghirardelli’s and Lindt are rich in texture and taste and never seem to disappoint. These two world renowned chocolate brands have paved a path for themselves and have yet disappointed.

Give Chocolate

Chocolate is perfect for every occasion and is loved by almost everyone. The best way to say thank you is with the gift of indulgence, so provide the treat of Lindt and Ghirardelli. Chocolate is a perfect gift for a partner too—it is the medicine of love, after all. Literally give someone food for thought, as no better moments are shared then when two people are fed with something sweet and heartwarming. Chocolate truly leaves a long and beautiful lasting impression as it is sure to bring smiles to a friend or loved ones face!

Never Enough Lindt

Lindt is included in almost all of our edible gift baskets. You show someone that they deserve the best by giving them a delectable basket complete with only the bests of the chocolate world. Lindt chocolates add the finishing touch to our baskets with excellence, literally. The Lindt Excellence chocolate bars are a vital piece to the gift basket puzzle, as they are infused with the finest flavours for the full savoury intense chocolate experience. Since Lindt is such a worlds-famous chocolatier, we have baskets for you that are exclusively made up of this incredible brand. A sure-fire way to impress

Lindt & Ghirardelli Obsessed

Know someone who is enamored with the deliciousness of Lindt and Ghirardelli? Who doesn’t?! Show them how important they are by giving them the luxury of their understandably-favourite brand of chocolates. You will be glad you did, and so will they! If you are having a bad day, or see someone a little down, Lindt is the way to go! We don’t know what it is, but there is definitely something about Lindt chocolate brings the best out of people. The tasty and long lasting assortment of Ghirardelli favorites includes the premium squares chocolates, along with the mint, dark and milk filled ones. With this in mind, do not forget bosses, colleagues and clients when handing out these wonderful Lindt and Ghirardelli gift baskets. There is nothing better than a little extra sweet to be added in the workplace.




What our customers say

  • Prabhjot Gharial
    a week ago
    Amazing service!! This is what I bought from there and it’s worth the price.
  • NivMizzet13
    a week ago
    Often the measure of quality of service comes when things don't go smoothly. I placed an order for delivery of a gift, and the driver had some difficulties due to geography, and also incorrect date/times given. The company kept in touch with us, and corrected everything without incident. Quality customer service!
  • Marina Arzanova
    a month ago
    An absolutely fantastic ordering experience with Nutcracker Sweet! Everyone was very nice which made my ordering process painless and fast;) I love their basket selection! I have already looked through the new catalog for Christmas gift ideas! I will order again 100%! P.S. Thanks for the wonderful custom postcard and ribbon👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Crystal
    a month ago
    Great customer service! They were very helpful in answering my questions regarding to custom baby baskets. Would recommend !
  • Sabrina Kassam
    2 months ago
    Love this place! I use them to send baskets to friends and family. Never been disappointed! They go above and beyond to make sure everything is done beautifully. Highly recommend! :)
  • abbas0190 naqvi
    2 months ago
    Wonderful. Cheap place to park on weekends. Amazing open 24/7. Close to all downtown core. User friendly garage. A Lovely place.
  • Farzana Murji
    2 months ago
    Received a gift basket for my baby girl. Loved it!! Everything inside was great quality and so cute. She has used every single item from the basket. Definitely recommend it.
  • Mimma Grossi
    3 months ago
    I have had great experiences ordering from Nutcracker! They have prepared last minute orders for me many times, with amazing quality and service. I wouldn't order from any other basket place.
  • Chen Victor
    10 months ago
    Good location. But it’s difficult to park my F150 there, a lot of sharp turns down there.
  • Linda W
    a year ago
    $13 for weekend, not bad for downtown. There were many available spots. You have to go down a curvy spiral for many levels to reach the parking spots.
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