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December is a crazy time of the year and Chanukah just makes it that much crazier – especially since there are eight days of it! This means 8 times the candy, 8 times the gift baskets, and 8 times the food! Need some help with putting together your Chanukah order? Just give us a call or see below for 8 helpful hints for gift giving at this special time of year! And remember, Nutcracker Sweet proudly carries Kosher Hanukkah gift baskets, which are perfect for the occasion!

8 Helpful Hanukkah Gift Hints

At Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets, we are here to help you make the right choice for each family member or corporate basket you need to send. With lots of variety and custom designs, there’s sure to be a gift for everyone.

1. When sending a gift for Hanukkah, you must consider if the recipient keeps Kosher. This is especially important for corporate baskets. Your recipient may not eat the food if it is not Kosher, and this would be a very uncomfortable situation, as they would want to thank you for the gift, but they would not actually be able to eat it. Nutcracker Sweet offers a beautiful selection of kosher gift baskets which can be custom decorated in Hanukkah colors to create the best basket possible.

2. Before sending a basket, consider where the recipient will be living during Hanukkah. Many people live down south during the winter time, and you don’t want to send a basket to their house in Toronto if they’re not there. Nutcracker Sweet can have your gift baskets delivered anywhere in North America to ensure they arrive in time for the holiday!

3. Target the appearance of your gift to who it is being sent! For example, if it is to a grandmother and grandfather consider that they may be entertaining a lot and may want something sharable.

4. Send your gift baskets according to taste! Choose a sweet gift for someone with a sweet tooth and the same goes for savoury baskets. Or, if you don’t know, send a basket that contains a mixture!

5. Choose a good basket for the person’s taste! If they are more chic you’ll want to send that type of basket, whereas if they are more traditional, you will want to go with a more classic style of basket.

6. When you call, make sure to ask for the bow and ribbons on your gift basket to be in Hanukkah colours – blue, gold and silver are the typical choices!

7. If you are invited to a Hanukkah party it is a nice option to send a gift basket to the host in advance. That way, you can say thank you and buy a gift at the same time without the usual last-minute rush and fuss of what to send or bring. And, you’ll actually be saving money because it saves you the trouble of buying a gift and buying something to bring.

8. Make sure to order in plenty of time. Over the holiday season we are very busy and it is important to get your order in so it can be delivered on the day of your choice!