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Winnipeg Gift Baskets Delivery

Leave your guests craving more with the most tasteful and intricately handcrafted Winnipeg gift baskets and gifts! Nutcracker Sweet not only offers top-notch products, but we also ensure that our gift baskets in Winnipeg, Manitoba, are meticulously packaged. Winnipeg gift baskets and gifts can be tailored to your preferences upon request; whether you desire additional wine, chocolate substitutions, or custom ribbons, we've got you covered. Perfect for any special occasion, holiday, or celebration, don't miss out—call us today to place your gift basket order for delivery or pick up now!

Hello from Nutcracker Sweet Winnipeg Gift Baskets, we are happy to tell you we are here and ready for your gift deliveries. Have a look through our website today to find the perfect Winnipeg gift to send with no hassle just a click of the mouse and we do the rest. We send handcrafted gifts every day and are happy to help you get that impressive gift to your loved ones.

Your Gift Gateway To The West

Winnipeg is known as the “Gateway to the West” because of it’s railway and transportation hub. Well Nutcracker Sweet Winnipeg wants to let you know that we are your gift gateway to the west. We have over 30 years of experience making and sending gifts everywhere, we are always ready to be your gift gateway for any occasion, whether a baby shower, birthday, or something else we have everything for you. Give us a call today at 416-782-3232 to get everything set up!

Fresh And Beautiful Baskets

It must feel amazing being able to relax beside Lake Winnipeg, getting a breath of fresh air but what about the times you want to but can’t relax because gift shopping is calling? Well do not worry Nutcracker Sweet Winnipeg has you covered with beautiful and fresh gifts. Every Winnipeg gift basket is filled with delicious treats for your recipient. We have baskets to suit everyone’s dietary restrictions and healthy ones for the friend that is the true health nut. With all these choices available you will get all the rest and relaxation you need.

Baskets To Bring Superstar Status

With superstars such as Anna Paquin from True Blood, Terry Fox and singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk coming from Winnipeg no wonder superstar status is difficult to get with your friends and family. Nutcracker Sweet Winnipeg Gift Baskets has just the thing for you to rise to fame. Take a look at our unique Winnipeg gift baskets full of chocolate treats, cookies, and sweets. Be the next superstar in the family with the power to bring famously delicious and amazing gifts.

Gift Delivery In Winnipeg

Nutcracker Sweet Winnipeg Gift Baskets uses only the most responsible and reliable courier services to deliver our handcrafted gifts to each recipient. Within the Winnipeg region, we provide delivery to the following postal codes - R2C, R2G, R2H, R2J, R2K, R2L, R2M, R2N, R2P, R2R, R2V, R2W, R2X, R2Y, R3A, R3B, R3C, R3E, R3G, R3H, R3J, R3K, R3L, R3M, R3N, R3P, R3R, R3S, R3T, R3V, R3W, R3X, R3Y



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