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Traditional Pink & Blue Gifts For Baby

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A new baby in the family is like a gift—a beautiful, snuggly, and priceless little gift! While we love our neutral colour palettes, we also like to embrace the traditional pinks and blues for timeless gifts for any baby. 


To help celebrate this wonderful occasion, Nutcracker Sweet is well equipped with fabulous baby gift baskets for girls! Our beautiful girl gift baskets are filled to the brim with high quality baby items like stuffed animals, onesies, bottles, books, and more! They are decorated in beautiful pink and yellow wrappings and always look beyond impressive. These baskets are sure to bring a smile to any new parent’s face! They are the perfect gift for any little girl—they really bring the girly theme into the household and make this an exciting time for all!



Some choose to be surprised with the gender of their baby, while others choose to know prior to giving birth. Whether you know the gender or do not know, the new addition will always bring joy to the family. Often, you’ll see “It’s a Boy” balloons and ribbons decorated around the house or hospital room. At Nutcracker Sweet, we create the best décor with gift baskets filled with baby boy essentials. The extravagant basket will only add on to the décor around the house to celebrate “It’s a Boy”! Our collection for the baby boy gift baskets are predominantly blue and green! We wrap each boy baby gift with a gorgeous handmade blue bow to seal the deal!

Only The Best Baby Bounty From Nutcracker Sweet

Explore all things great at Nutcracker Sweet. Inside each and every basket, we include premium baby accessories and toys to ensure your gift is top notch! Find world-renowned brands such as Jellycat, Bumboo, GUND, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Sophie the Giraffe, and even MORE! Create everlasting memories with the gift basket from Nutcracker Sweet. Our baby baskets are filled with baby and parent favourites. Our creative innovative team have put together a collection that is unique and independent from others thus, our gifts cannot be beaten! Our gifts a neatly assembled and presented in an extravagant gift basket form thus, our gifts will definitely impress!

The Ultimate Gift For Baby Girls And Boys

At Nutcracker Sweet, our team has thought about every element of our baby gift collection to ensure we deliver the best gift baskets to you and your recipients. From design, practicality, presentation and more, our gifts will surpass your expectations in every aspect! Each and every item in this astounding baby basket will definitely be put into great use and create everlasting memories! At Nutcracker Sweet, we bring unique and creative baby gift baskets to you thus, you will find the best line of baby gifts right here!

Baby Gifts With Premium Quality

Parents can never have too many of the essentials, so be both practical and fun with your gift. Baskets double as storage for baby’s things, and clothes, blankets, and teethers are requirements to have in the arsenal. Each of the baskets at Nutcracker Sweet find the perfect combination of practical baby essentials and fun toys! We are sure that each and every item received in our lovely basket will be put into great use. We are also known for our plush toys that we add into each and every basket. Often, the recipient will have lost or damaged their stuffed toy. Thus, they have gone out of their way to find us and reorder the same plush toy because their baby could not let it go!