There are several traditions and rituals when celebrating Easter. Traditions and rituals include Easter egg hunts, egg painting, eating anything and everything chocolate, and a whole lot more. Be sure to read up on all of the below fun Easter facts in order to impress the table, and learn some exciting reasons behind the above Easter traditions.

To all those men out there who have missed the Valentine’s Day gifting memo, well here it is! This is a day that might as well be a statutory holiday. Pink flowers, red roses, boxes of chocolates, red wine and more!! All of the mentioned items are not wants on Valentine’s Day, but are simply the terms on which that significant other will either keep you around or kick ya to the curb. That’s why we, at Nutcracker Sweet, are here for the betterment of your relationship! Gifting the perfect basket of chocolates is the ultimate way to a women’s heart, not to mention that side of wine and a big red bow to top it all off. Our handcrafted baskets are built to perfection as each item is carefully placed and properly positioned to live up to the occasion. From truffles to Lindt chocolates, cheese platters, nuts of all sorts, and bread dippers just to name a few! If you want it, we got it!To all men; a simple basket will scream I love you! For the sole reason that all of your ladies’ guilty pleasures are all packed in this beautiful presentation!

Here at Nutcracker Sweet, we’re all about the food. And sure, everyone loves gourmet and savoury foods, but we know that most people have a sweet tooth—and most of us here do as well! At Nutcracker we take the “Candy Holidays” pretty seriously. Each candy holiday is about a different one of everyone’s favourite sweet treats! Check out our twitter account for updates on which candy holiday it is next—because you know that if there’s a holiday that involves candy, you don’t want to miss out! So that you know, these are some of our favourite candy holidays and their dates:

Nutcracker Sweet gift baskets are made with a wide assortment of the finest quality products. In many of our baskets we have different kinds of chocolates. We know that chocolate, in general, is universally enjoyed! There are all sorts of chocolates and we try to introduce new brands and tastes that our clients would enjoy. We seek out new products, and always bring you the best and most unique flavours we can find! Two of our favourites include the well-known (and considered top notch) Godiva and Lindt chocolates. We feature them prominently in many of our baskets.

Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets contain only the highest quality products including brand names such as Lindt, Godiva, Wildly Delicious, Charlie & Sam’s and more. It’s not always easy choosing what to put in our baskets with such an array of great items, and it’s not a decision we take lightly. We pride ourselves in both the quality of the food and the containers/baskets that we choose. Many of the items are often of higher price points, yet we aim to provide reasonably priced baskets for all occasions.