Are you looking for a fantastic gift basket company in the downtown core? Well look no further! Nutcracker Sweet has a store conveniently located in the heart of the Financial District in downtown Toronto.  Whether you’re working at a business, living in the area, visiting the city or anything In between please feel free to drop by our store – grab a catalogue, browse our gift basket selection, and on some days, enjoy a delicious chocolate treat! In downtown Toronto, people speed through walkways and sidewalks as they proceed with their crazy busy schedules, however, everyone can’t help but stop and stare at the beautiful gift baskets showcased in our storefront!  In fact, if you’ve ever walked the PATH (Toronto’s underground pedestrian walkway) I would bet you’ve seen our store! Nutcracker Sweet is located along the PATH, through Commerce Court West, just inside the doors of Scotia Plaza.

Rosh Hashanah is a very special holiday here at Nutcracker Sweet. Just like with all of the other holidays, our design team is busy coming up with beautiful arrangements and concepts, and our assembly team is always making sure we have more than enough stock on hand should you need to pop-in for a last minute gift! Each basket is filled with holiday favourites including apple chips, honey and other delicious sweets and treats. With varying price points, every assortment is built in a unique bowl or dish. If you’re looking for something for sharing, our trays make a great option! Filled with lots of chocolate and yummy snacks, they make the perfect addition to the holiday table! Don’t forget to ask about our ceramic dishes and strictly Kosher options should they be of interest to you as well!

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, holiday or special occasion, gift baskets are always something nice to receive, so think of Nutcracker Sweet the next time you need a creative gift. We have two convenient pickup locations in Toronto. Our head office is located just west of the intersection of Sheppard Avenue and Allen Road at 3717 Chesswood Drive. We also have an express store located in downtown Toronto right in the heart of the financial district. Conveniently located in Scotia Plaza, we are easily accessible from the PATH as well as many other locations in the downtown core. If you’re not able to come in and pick out a gift basket, no worries – our full selection can be viewed online on our website! Our team of experienced gift giving experts are also available by phone to assist you with your choice. And how will it get there? Not to worry! We have local couriers, as well as ones that deliver throughout Canada and the United States.

What goes into our gift baskets is not set in stone… it’s set in cellophane and tied with a bow—meaning it can be easily changed! At Nutcracker Sweet, though we value tradition, we also value the idea of being progressive and innovative, and always being on the hunt for the best new products, because we know there is always room for improvement on our baskets. As many of our clients who have been with us for years know, all of our baskets’ contents change often—sometimes every few years, and sometimes even from one year to another. We often consider the feedback we get from our customers about different products very seriously. Products that get great approval ratings are left in, but the items that our customers feel could be better are always being replaced with something better!

Father's Day is a time to celebrate everything your dad has done for you. It can be hard to figure out what to get dads for a gift as they tend to always say they don’t need anything! But here at Nutcracker Sweet gift giving is our specialty, so we’re sure we have something he will like. We made a page especially dedicated to the gifts we think your dad will love!

You might think that all there is to a gift basket is packing a bunch of goodies into a basket, wrapping it up and tying a bow on... but it’s really not that simple! We work very hard to make sure that our gift baskets have the best quality items, that they look amazing, and even that the container itself is perfect. Right now at Nutcracker Sweet the photo shoot for our 2016 catalogue is taking place! Can you believe that it's only June and already we're thinking about concepts for next year's catalogue?! Even better, we're thinking about Christmas in the summer

Here at Nutcracker Sweet, we’re all about the food. And sure, everyone loves gourmet and savoury foods, but we know that most people have a sweet tooth—and most of us here do as well! At Nutcracker we take the “Candy Holidays” pretty seriously. Each candy holiday is about a different one of everyone’s favourite sweet treats! Check out our twitter account for updates on which candy holiday it is next—because you know that if there’s a holiday that involves candy, you don’t want to miss out! So that you know, these are some of our favourite candy holidays and their dates:

Nutcracker Sweet gift baskets are made with a wide assortment of the finest quality products. In many of our baskets we have different kinds of chocolates. We know that chocolate, in general, is universally enjoyed! There are all sorts of chocolates and we try to introduce new brands and tastes that our clients would enjoy. We seek out new products, and always bring you the best and most unique flavours we can find! Two of our favourites include the well-known (and considered top notch) Godiva and Lindt chocolates. We feature them prominently in many of our baskets.

Springtime is a happy time.  Everyone is glad that winter is over and the warmer weather is on its way. There are so many events to celebrate, and that means lots of gifts to be given! Here at Nutcracker Sweet, we love springtime as there are many occasions where gift baskets can be sent and we have the perfect gift for each and every one of those occasions!

Administrative Professionals' Day is a huge up and coming holiday in the corporate world! There are so many administrative professionals in every business and it just makes sense to have a day to thank them. At Nutcracker Sweet, as a business, we understand the importance of Administrative Professionals' Day—we want to assure you that, as usual, we’ve got you covered! And, seeing as business and corporate gifts are our area of expertise, we really know the perfect gifts to get for your receptionists, assistants, secretaries, custodians, and other administrative staff.