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Nutcracker Sweet is proud to offer a variety of spa gifts to our clients. These gifts include spa gifts and games! Not everyone wants a food-related gift basket, whether it’s because of dietary restrictions, or a personal preference, a gift for giving is not always easy to find when food is not of the essence. Fortunately at Nutcracker Sweet, these unique gifts are a perfect idea for them!


In Home Spa

The spa titled gift baskets at Nutcracker sweet offer luxurious products that make you feel as though you are in a spa! These spa gift baskets are the perfect present to those in high stress situations, for girl’s nights in, or to simply pamper yourself! The spa is an environment everyone wants to be in as its calming, cool and collected a feeling that radiates off of the selected spa baskets.

Life of Luxury

These spa gift baskets are the perfect present for anyone in your life that deserves a little pampering as they are filled with only the most luxurious products. Spa gifts are great gifts for Valentine’s Day, sympathy, housewarming, holiday, birthday, corporate and Mother’s Day. A great alternative to edible baskets, these gifts are sure to be warm and indulgent. Whatever message you want to send, a spa gift can be a great option. We can deliver your gifts anywhere in Toronto within one to two business days.

Pampering for Two

Treat that special someone on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day to some everlasting and reviving aromas that are contained throughout the spa gift basket products. You will never have to be reminded to rinse lather and repeat ever again, as the products smell great but feel even better! Spa gift baskets are not only quality, but a large in quantity. One item can go a long way, and is most definitely enough to share with that significant other. If it’s taking a bath together, or that morning leg lotion for the sun dress and shorts whether, no basket will fail to disappoint!

Take a Bath & Relax

There is nothing quite as good as a warm lavender scented bubble bath to end a day. While in the tub, be sure to use the soft loofa and bath soaps to really unwind and destress. With the products provided your bath will be as comfortable if not more relaxing than a tub at a spa. To continue the pampering after the bath, we at Nutcracker Sweet have provided different types of lotions and creams to moisturize your body and leave it glowing.

Relieve all Stress

Nutcracker Sweet wants to remind our devoted clients and future customers that we all need to take a break with the stress of everyday life as it is vital for everyone to take some personal time to relax. Let’s be real, spas are not adorable for most yet we make sacrifices, but why sacrifice when you can have a reasonably priced, and cost efficient Nutcracker Sweet spa gift basket that makes you feel just as refreshed and cleansed as you needed. The gift baskets from Nutcracker Sweet carry a collection of items that will leave a worked up person at ease and an unsettled individual able to breathe!