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Marich, the creator of the Jelly Belly, prides itself on their excellent and unique confections. This is a brand that learnt early that covering an already sweet and delicious treat is only made better by covering it in chocolate. This once theory by Marich of taking the usual and making it into a chocolatey work of art has now become the reality; these chocolate sensations have ranked off the charts from today’s chocoholics! Marich’s creations! Chocolate-covered fruit and nuts grace our baskets and add the delightful touch that only Marich can provide.


Marich Chocolates

Charlie and Sam’s gift basket is one of the most popular choices because of the vast assortment of edibles arrangements it contains. Charlie and Sam’s create a basket of extreme chocolate tastes, pairings and textures to that of the simplest and smooth tasting chocolate. The desires of clients are guaranteed and certainly met as the combinations of chocolates are made with the finest quality. The boost in popularity of different chocolate combinations have allowed us to enhance our gift basket collections.

Mix & Match with Marich

We are proud to say that Nutcracker Sweet has recently included a few products from the Marich Chocolate covered fruit line which is in many of the gift baskets. These baskets are definitely a winner to even the toughest of all chocolate connoisseurs and chocoholics of the past and present. Find award winning combinations such as, chocolate covered salty pretzels, chocolate and nut mixtures, and of course the Marich chocolate fruit assortments. This basket definitely presents chocolate at its best not only in presentation, but more so texture and flavour.

The Right Choice is Marich

The collection of Marich’s may seem a little overwhelming, but one calming factor is that no choice pertaining to Marich’s chocolate is the wrong choice! Marich’s Dark chocolate guarantees that silky smooth feature with every bite of this delicious treat. What is so unique about Marich is the vast collection of which it possesses. Nutcracker Sweet is proud to offer exclusive Marich gift baskets as it is has a premium quality that one cannot resist!

Fruity Chocolatey Fusion

If you have a love for fruit, a guilty pleasure for chocolate, and a craving for something sweet and salty, Marich has it! Nutcracker Sweet offers a world of chocolate coated edible arrangements. Some of these chocolate coated pleasured include nuts, fruits, cherries, berries and strawberries to name a few. If fruit covered chocolate isn’t exactly your thing. We here at Nutcracker Sweet create that perfect pairing of chew to crunch chocolate ratio! Year after year the triple chocolate toffee, chocolate toffee pistachios, and the English toffee caramels have been the top choice of chocolate lovers everywhere! People are calling, and emailing asking for more as these leave people speechless and mouths watering.