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Giant Plush Toys from Nutcracker Sweet


Teddies, Bunnies and Elephants, oh my! This generous and adorable assortment of giant plush products from Nutcracker Sweet will surely become your child's best pal. Get your child, or yourself, a giant stuffed animal that will be there for morning hugs and constant kisses! Our inventory includes an impressive assortment of over-sized stuffed animals from all parts of the Disney kingdom, Jellycat world and Philbin collection - from bears to elephants and even creatures from your favourite animation! The super soft material of these giant plush toys makes children and grownups lucky to receive such a gift!

Gifting a Cuddle Buddy

On those cold winter days there is no easier way to get warm than snuggling up to a life sized teddy; teddies are also known for warming the heart! Curl up in bed or snuggle up on the couch on a cold winter day while cuddling any of Nutcracker Sweets giant plush products. These giant plush toys will guarantee quiet time. Incredibly soft and sweet, giant plush toys are the best-selling gifts to give this year!

The Best Gifts Comes in EXTRA LARGE (XL)

Giant plush toys such as Philbin, Jellycat, and Mickey Mouse will surely put a smile on anyone's face.  Giant plush toys are in high demand as plush stuffed animals are highly requested for baby basket add-ons. Nutcracker Sweet has 35 years of expertise and it shows in the wide selection of plush toys that are known to be the best of the best. Giant plush stuffed animals include Philbin Bear from the Gund Collection, Mikey and Minnie Mouse and jumping Jellycat. These bears are triple extra large and are perfect for the new bundle of joy entering this world as they will provide a baby with comfort and entertainment. All giant plush toys that are in stock are all fuzzy and  cozy and will remain so for years to come. It's not all about the cute appearance.  The quality is there as well as they will be your child's best friend for years to come. Giant plush toys often turn into adorable friends for those little ones, and create everlasting memories that will have your child smiling for years to come.

It’s No Ordinary Gift

Nutcracker Sweet creates everlasting memories with our wide selection of plush toys! Our giant plush are an amazing add-on to your gift. Large plush toys are the perfect piece of décor. Thus, it is the perfect add-on to any child’s or baby’s room. It definitely adds character into every room! At Nutcracker Sweet, we make your gift extra special.