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Here at Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets we always strive to be your gifting solutions. We enjoy solving all your challenges in finding the perfect gifts for all your events. We have representatives with activated creative minds to provide you with a large array of options, personally designed for your event. Although you can see a vast array of gift baskets on our website, we are not limited to these options. Whether the event is corporate or a wedding, Nutcracker Sweet has it all. Have an idea? We will only deliver that exceeding all your expectations! Need an idea? You have nothing to worry about because we ARE your gifting solutions! If you have an idea, call us, if you need an idea we’ll have one for you.


Innovation at its Best

We promise innovation in every one of our gifts, including yours. Within our facility, we have an innovation lab dedicated to deliver exceptional ideas and additionally, working to execute your ideas! We have professional basket designers ready to help bring your inspiration to life. Inside our Innovation and Creation Lab we will create your personalized gifts to perfection. Our corporate clients always request to speak with our representatives in charge of the Innovation and Creation department! We will be your co-creator through all your customizations and guarantee you with an impeccable innovative gift basket. We always challenge ourselves to create the best and exclusive designs in every basket. And we ensure that we will not FAIL!

Creation is Always an Option

At Nutcracker Sweet we always foster ideas to create inspiring gifts. Whatever creation you can imagine, we will create it. No matter how big or small we will always craft your special gift with excitement and enthusiasm. It can be as simple as a colour theme or as specific to the itty gritty details! It is always a  pleasure to work with unique exciting ideas and exceeding the expectations of all of our clients! We will execute your idea better than you would have imagined! With our expert gift basket creators, we take all the stress off of you and make personalization easy. Nutcracker Sweet will always have multiple options for you to create your perfect gift without any hiccups.

Corporate Conceptions

Any or all of your corporate conceptions will be handled with professionalism, quality, and skill to bring you the finest gift baskets your team could ask for. We know and understand how important your corporate events and gifts are. Hence why, we are your go to company. We make it a priority to set the bar high with all of our corporate gifts thus, you are sure to impress! Our corporate conception team is innovative and talented, they will always create gift baskets that are amazing and new while staying true to your brand. At Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets we think big and bring all your gift aspirations to life.

Constructing Creations

With every personalized constructed gift basket we bring quality items and designs to your tailored desires. We have 35 years and counting of experience creating, building, and customizing gift baskets to match all your needs. We promise you great service with every custom-made gift basket because we know that being innovative, unique, and creative is not an option it is a necessity in every gift.