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...it's in our DNA. From kids playing in the street, to walking into the local arena on those early mornings hauling an equipment bag, or sitting down with some friends to watch that crucial 7th game; hockey is a part of who we are as Canadians.

Good Old Hockey Game

Likewise, hockey ‘lingo’ has also become a part of our everyday lives! Words like coast to coast, hat trick and playoff beard are familiar to those aged five to ninety-five, alike. The term lock-out has also become all too familiar to us; especially those of us whose typical winter Saturday nights involve good company, hockey jerseys and Don Cherry. Well, guess what? The lock-out is no more. Hockey is back! The phrase, ‘he shoots, he scores’ will once again be heard in living rooms across our nation.

It's Hockey Night At Nutcracker!

Welcome back our game in style - send your favourite fan a plush creature of their team with a gift basket of delicious goodies, or enjoy the treats with some friends. Maybe you’re thinking of the gang back home and want to send them a little something to help celebrate a big win!

Calling All Hockey Fanatics

Score a goal, get an assist, stay out of the penalty box, stay away from offside and most of all, and enjoy watching all the action with a Nutcracker Sweet hockey filled gift basket! An even better idea is to surprise a hockey fanatic friend with the perfect hockey essentials while watch their team in action. Your recipient will be excited to see not only snacks to munch on during the suspense of a game, but a teddy bear all geared up and ready to be held in times of distress! There is no better way to get young ones also involved in the game of hockey then with exposing them to a stuffed teddy bear wearing the jersey of your favourite team. Whether they love the Leafs, Canadiens or Senators you are certain to find any recipient, or even yourself, a perfectly unique gift basket with Nutcracker Sweet.

Hockey Teddies

We here at Nutcracker Sweet offer not only a bear representing your favourite team to grab onto or give to your child to sleep with at night, but the selection of game day snack are endless. Teddy bears can be added to any chosen basket at Nutcracker Sweet. Hockey baskets range in product from chocolates, nuts, fruits, cookies, and other edible arrangements, to keep your stomachs happy and hopes high when eyes are glued to the television!

Nutcracker Sweet Shoots & Scores

When the puck drops celebrate our game and cheer on your favourite team with a gift from Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets. Game day treats are provided and can be catered to your needs! If there is a beverage you know that fan fanatic loves, especially during a hockey game, be sure to call and ask. Our clients after all are of up most importance and we will do what it takes to over and above to ensure your happiness! Viewing our online gift basket options at Nutcracker Sweet is a shot in the right direction, and purchasing a gift basket is the ultimate goal!