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History of Gift Baskets

The Wonderful History of Gift baskets

Ever wonder who thought up the idea of a gift basket? Well the concept of a gift basket was more of a tradition where people would weave baskets out of tree bark and wood and put items of value inside and give it out as an offering to the leaders of the state, it wasn’t considered a gift for everyday people and if a basket was made it’s secondary function was to be used to transport goods. After a period of time creating and giving gift baskets became a time of celebration and togetherness and the materials used to make the basket became more and more important. For example, using wheat stalks as the basket material represented fertility and possessed life-giving qualities to the recipient. Every basket wished the recipient all the best. From the past till now the concept of the gift basket has not changed, the only difference is the items.

What Goes into a Gift?

Gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes but deciding what to put into the gift is the hardest detail. The first thing you must identify when looking for your basket is “what is the occasion” and “who is the gift going to” keeping these thoughts in mind you’ll be able to find or craft the perfect gift basket. Now on to the items, decide if your recipient likes more of a savoury basket, a sweet one or a mixture of both. In the past gift baskets included regular item’s you’d find in the grocery store such as eggs and vegetables. In our modern gift baskets today you’ll find delicious sweets such as chocolates, candies, jams, and more. Sometimes more unique items like special jams, or confections in season can be found in our everyday basket. No matter what you put in your gift basket whether it be sweets, savoury items, or everyday groceries your recipient will appreciate it.

Gifts Handled with Care

Here at Nutcracker Sweet we make it simple and easy to find the perfect gift. Every one of our gift baskets are crafted with care and items are handpicked by our gift specialists so there is always a sweet treat that will light up the recipient’s eyes. Almost every gift basket you give or receive today is handmade just like the baskets in the 1800s. Nutcracker Sweet’s only difference is that we use premium chocolates from famous chocolatiers such as Lindt, Godiva, Ghirardelli and more instead of sending eggs and vegetables. During the 1800s gift baskets weren’t just offerings made to deities they were also used to show happiness and congratulations to people. For newlyweds they would receive a luxurious basket made out of silver to be used at the wedding, this showed how happy and how much they care for the couple.

Gifts that Reminisce the Past

Today we see gift baskets everywhere and think nothing of it but “wow what a gorgeous gift”, but do you know how we came to continue this tradition of gift giving? Funny thing is that the earliest account of gift giving was based off of the story of Eostre the pagan goddess who carried a basket of young plants as a scared offering. This story was known around the 1830s, from the 1830s to present day we are still continuing this tradition of sharing and wishing all the best to our recipients. Even the gift basket styles from the past are still prominent in our everyday gift baskets today. The weaved basket is known to be the oldest craft of human civilization but we still see woven baskets everywhere, the style never got old it only became more and more popular.

Subtle Changes between Past and Present Baskets

With time gift baskets made their own ground. Now any container can be considered to be a gift basket, it does not necessarily mean the gift must be put in a basket to be considered a gift basket, it can be put in a pot, a chest, or even a cup now. As long as you have a container to hold everything it is deemed a gift basket minus the basket. Today gift baskets are most popularly used for the holidays, the top three holiday gift baskets are mostly used for is for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the Mother’s Day. With so many unique gifts like the edible baskets the amount of ideas people have for gift baskets do not seem likely to disappear, if anything they will continue to change and revamp into new ideas and versions of the once old woven gift baskets from the 1800s.

What our customers say

  • NivMizzet13
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    Often the measure of quality of service comes when things don't go smoothly. I placed an order for delivery of a gift, and the driver had some difficulties due to geography, and also incorrect date/times given. The company kept in touch with us, and corrected everything without incident. Quality customer service!
  • Marina Arzanova
    a month ago
    An absolutely fantastic ordering experience with Nutcracker Sweet! Everyone was very nice which made my ordering process painless and fast;) I love their basket selection! I have already looked through the new catalog for Christmas gift ideas! I will order again 100%! P.S. Thanks for the wonderful custom postcard and ribbon๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
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    a month ago
    Great customer service! They were very helpful in answering my questions regarding to custom baby baskets. Would recommend !
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    2 months ago
    Love this place! I use them to send baskets to friends and family. Never been disappointed! They go above and beyond to make sure everything is done beautifully. Highly recommend! :)
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    Wonderful. Cheap place to park on weekends. Amazing open 24/7. Close to all downtown core. User friendly garage. A Lovely place.
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    Received a gift basket for my baby girl. Loved it!! Everything inside was great quality and so cute. She has used every single item from the basket. Definitely recommend it.
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    Good location. But itโ€™s difficult to park my F150 there, a lot of sharp turns down there.
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