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Ghosts, Goblins and Pumpkins...made of chocolate of course! The greatest Halloween treats ever!

Be prepared for October 31 - a Halloween gift basket is a sure way to scare up some ghostly grins and then take a delight in a feast with delicious traditional candies.

It’s your kid’s favourite holiday of the year: Halloween. What could be better than getting candy just for wearing a costume?

Halloween Fun For Everyone

Halloween with Nutcracker Sweet isn’t just about the kids…It’s time for the adults to get some candy as well and indulge in the sweet-centric holiday!

Send out a Nutcracker Sweet Halloween gift basket today to anyone—just for fun! Our baskets come with amazing seasonal treats and decorations. Or just get one for yourself and have a little candy to munch on (if you don’t already have any Halloween leftovers).

Or, if you’re holding a corporate Halloween event, send out some Halloween gift baskets! Your employees and colleagues will indulge in these sweet and spooky baskets!

It’s time for you to enjoy Halloween as much as your kids do! Order a gift basket from one of our Toronto stores today! 

Halloween Party Pleasers

We used to think that there was nothing more exciting then trick or treating on hallows eve, until now! Nutcracker sweet has the most amazing ghost and goblins of gift baskets. Nutcracker Sweets assortment of Halloween gift baskets are filled with sweets and treats to taunt your taste buds and spook your stomach with its delicious and mouth watery flavour. The products are colour coordinator to this celebration as sweets treats, and various other items including the basket itself, will give off that eerie yet scrumptious feel. Many times one parent takes charge of the kids and brings them door to door while the other parents congregate and have a little party of their own. 

All Ages Trick or Treat Gift Basket

Kids no longer are the only ones to trick or treat, as these classy gift filled Halloween baskets are enough for a room filled of people. Halloween gift baskets place a classy yet still haunting spin on the celebration for those pass that trick or treat age. Ghirardelli, Lindt, Godiva are three of many offered chocolates that are premium and practical for this holiday as packaging is made green and black, as are the individually wrapped goods!

Halloween Sweets & Treats

Each crunch of the edible arrangements, from ghost cookies to the delectably delicious Lindt chocolate spooky balls is inevitably going to have you at the center of attention! People will be fighting off friends for more as they are not only great gifts but ensuring a taste unlike anything else. With tins shaped as jack-o-lanterns as a base for many Halloween themed gift baskets from Nutcracker Sweet all recipients will beyond excited to receive this, as will their children. What is better than a snacking warm up before the night festivities on Halloween after all! All Halloween gift baskets have quantity that is all quality products of which are carefully settled inside all appropriate for Halloween gift baskets that are ready to be delivered to any lucky recipient.


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