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Hello from Nutcracker Sweet Strathcona County Gift Baskets to the lovely city of Strathcona County. We are pleased to say that we are now ready to help you with all your gift giving needs for any occasion, whether it be a sympathy gift, a birthday gift, or a party tray we have you covered with all our irresistible gift baskets. All our gifts are handmade to perfection to make the perfect arrangements and ensure fresh products every time. Have a look today and see what occasion we can help you cater.

Gifts that will Make You Proud

Strathcona County is Canada’s most livable community and is proud to have a Pollinator Habitat supporting pollinating insects. With achievements like these Strathcona County needs to celebrate with a unique and delicious gift basket from Nutcracker Sweet Strathcona County! We have a lot of delicious chocolatey treats from chocolate covered fruit, chocolate covered nuts, and irresistible chocolates from Godiva, Ghirardelli, Lindt, Ferror Rocher, and many more, have a look in our Chocolate Shop today to find that perfect celebratory Strathcona County gift before it’s too late!

Specially Handcrafted Gifts

Every one of Nutcracker Sweet Strathcona County’s gift baskets are specially designed by our professionals to ensure that you get the best variety and arrangements in every gift. We want to help you impress every time no matter what occasion. We have different Strathcona County gift baskets that cater to dietary restrictions, giving healthy alternatives, and even gifts for a newborn coming your way. All your Strathcona County gifts will be sure to impress and add a personal touch with your personalized card message enclosed.

The Basket Straight to the Heart

Strathcona County is located in the heart of Alberta so Nutcracker Sweet Strathcona County believes that being the heart of this province you should have gifts that come from the heart. We have many gift baskets that show how much you care for that special someone and that you are thinking of them. Every Strathcona County gift basket sends a personal message every time and you can even personalize the gift basket ribbon to really add that final touch to the gift. No need to stress about finding the perfect gift we have them right here for you.

Gift Delivery in Strathcona County

Nutcracker Sweet Strathcona County Gift Baskets uses only the most dependable and responsible courier services to deliver our specially handmade gifts to each recipient. Within the Strathcona County region, we provide delivery to the following postal codes - T6G