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Time for a snack!

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Let’s talk for a second about everyone’s favourite part of the day: snack time! Snacks are loved by all and are a great way to bring people together. Sometimes you may need to grab a quick on-the-run snack, or sometimes you’re snacking while you're working. Other times you may have people drop by, and you want something to serve, but it’s not time for a meal, so you have a quick snack together! Everyday we wonder, is it 2pm yet? We are ready for our midday snack! We live in a world where 3 meals a day is just not enough! Snacking is our only way of surviving through a tough day of hard work! Is it obvious that we love snack time? So let's just SNACK ON!

Tons of Options

We have hands down the best snacks! We understand it's a powerful statement to make; but we stick to it! Our most popular items are our snacking platters that are hard to resist! Packed with soft caramels, dark chocolate covered almonds, salted and sweet nuts and who can forget the Sorini truffles. Absolutely to die for! Chocolate lovers heaven lies within our four walls! Snacking at Nutcracker Sweet is a serious thing! We guarantee it!

Not a Sweet Tooth in Sight??

Hello Savoury Snacks! Cheese Lovers you will love this! There is nothing more satisfying than coming home on a Friday night after a long stressful week and grabbing a glass of wine with cheese and crackers whilst watching that classic movie just sounds divine! Bring home our cheese baker kit for the perfect Friday night snack and cozy up with us!

Trying to stay healthy??

That is A-OKAY! We have that too! With dried fruit and nuts to apple rings; our healthy snacks are irresistible and drool worthy! With the variety; even the pickiest of diets will be satisfied! We keep a variety of products just for you guys with sugar and gluten free to organic and Kosher options. So try our snacks out today!

Wining and Dining

There are also lots of times where you will need Snacking Gift Baskets! Often times when entertaining, your plan may be to have your guests arrive before you have cooked their meal. If this is the case, it is always nice to have something out for your guests to snack on, which is where Nutcracker Sweet can help you out! Our baskets are elegant and sophisticated, and are also great to serve as snacks for guests, or really for anything. The delicious cheeses, crackers, oils and sweets will have you in a heavenly snack haze. They are great for people to just grab a handful while waiting on the main meal! Nutcracker Sweet provides a large range of shareable gift baskets varying in size, price, style and purpose. We have a wide array of baskets that are perfect for all your snacking needs. Call a knowledgeable and friendly Nutcracker Sweet sales associate today to talk about the perfect gift basket for you!

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