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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets in Toronto


I'm looking to order a large quantity of gift baskets; does your company handle large corporate orders?

Of course we do! While serving the gift basket industry for 35 years, we are proud to say our abilities to comprehend your needs in our corporate gift baskets are impeccable. In specific to large corporate orders, we ensure our organization and accuracy makes this process much simpler and promising! We suggest, with large orders, to give a call or send an e-mail to gifts@nutcrackersweet.com. In addition, please give us a call in advance to guarantee your preferences for the gifts are met! Corporate gifts are very important in establishing a good relationship with your clients and partners and we do everything in our power to aid you with maintaining or creating old and new relationships!


Where do I find the best gift baskets in Toronto? 

You`ll find the best gift baskets in Toronto at Nutcracker Sweet of course! Our main location is actually located in the Toronto region where, we have been providing exceptional gift basket services for 35 years. It has always been our specialty thus, we are the experts you can rely on. We understand the importance of both, corporate gifts and personal gifts. Both types of gifts are setting a specific relationship with your partner, client, friend, or family. Our reliability, professionalism and sophistication will only add onto the meaning of your gift. We only fill our baskets with the high quality foods and brand name items thus, our baskets are definitely, the most delicious and most appealing. Therefore, let the experts handle your gift-giving needs!  


I need a gift basket delivered downtown Toronto, is this something you could help me with? 

Yes, Definitely! We deliver all over North America. In fact, most of our orders are for the downtown area of the Toronto region thus, we ensure delivery to downtown is one of our strengths! We’re used to it! Your gift basket will be handled with much care and presented to the recipient respectfully in a timely manner!


What type of products do you use? Are they of good quality?

Let us assure you about our baskets: all our products are brand name and of high end quality. We ensure that all of the edibles are made by some of the most famous and well-known companies, which include Lindt, Godiva and Wildly Delicious.  The containers are chic and sophisticated, and they’re also of high quality and functional. All of the products in our baby baskets are also bought from high end baby brands. You can feel confident about having your name on a gift that you send from Nutcracker Sweet.


Do you deliver gift baskets in Toronto? 

We definitely do! With our main location in Toronto, we are definitely the experts in delivering in the Toronto region. We deliver all through downtown, to the GTA and beyond. In fact, we deliver all over North America. We are proud to say that delivery in Toronto is our drivers’ expertise because the majority of the orders we receive are in this region! Thus, your gift basket will arrive to the recipient in a respectful, timely, and professional manner!


Where can I find the best gift baskets for a corporate client?

At Nutcracker Sweet, of course! We have created specific corporate gifts for any business, small or large. With 35 years and counting of experience, our specialty has become corporate gift baskets. The gifts we send are on behalf of your company so we take into account the importance of the relationship you have with your partners and clients. We fill the baskets with nothing but, high end quality products and brand name goods! We ensure our corporate gift baskets meet your standard of professionalism and sophistication! In addition, we have the option of customizing the business logo on our beautiful ribbon to seal the deal for your clients and partners. In addition, we advise all businesses wishing to place large orders to call in advance therefore, we can guarantee all your gift giving preferences are met! Allow Nutcracker Sweet to take on your gift-giving needs to establish and maintain relationships for the long-run!


What if the recipient is not at home when the gift is delivered?

We make sure, from the driver, that it is a safe neighbourhood to leave anything and if it is, that there is a safe area (i.e. covered porch) to leave the gift.  Alternatively, the driver will try to leave the gift with a neighbour. Please make sure that the address you give us is accurate and correct, as when there are address inconsistencies, it slows down the delivery process and leads to problems delivering the gift. 


Do you deliver gift baskets across Canada?

Yes! Not only do we deliver in Canada, but we also deliver all over North America.

Since our flagship store is located in Toronto, Ontario we provide local delivery services to cities within the GTA and many surrounding cities as well. We work with our trusted delivery partners to also provide delivery services to all of the provinces and territories. For more information on the approximate length of time it takes to ship a gift to a specific province or territory, please see our delivery information section. Regardless of where you are sending a gift to, we encourage you to place your order in advance to help ensure your gift is delivered .