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Explore the best add-on gifts for babies and toddlers at Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets. These Farm Hoppers Animal Bouncers are life-sized perfect bouncy gifts for toddlers. These fun, bright coloured inflatable bouncy gifts are the gifts to keep the little ones busy. Also, the adorable cows, horses and pigs are great and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for young kids. It will assist your child’s coordination skills and core muscle development at an early age, while being a super fun way for the child to get some great physical activity! These lovely friends can be taken outside or kept in, it’s all upto you!

How do you use your Farm Hopper Animal Friends

These inflatable bouncy Farm Hoppers are super easy to play with. Each animal has soft, easy to grip ears for toddlers to hold on while jumping all around. All they need to do is take a comfortable seat on to their lovely animal friends, hold tight onto their ears, and away they go! While these toys are super fun and bouncy, we recommend adult supervision while the toddler rides with his/her Farm Hopper Friends. The lovely inflatable bouncy animals are suitable for toddlers 12 months and over.

Why Farm Hopper Bouncers are Awesome

Farm Hoppers are continuously making hopping, bouncing, boinging fun to your child's day. The new animal friends are all made from high quality, brightly coloured, BPA and phthalate-free plastic for long lasting use and durability. Toddlers climb and crawl onto things they shouldn’t be and Farm Hoppers are to keep your little toddlers occupied with fun and safe physical exercise.. While they are perfect for anywhere, they are best enjoyed on small surfaces, such as carpet or grass. These animal friends will help your tots release that enormous energy they have by all the hopping; it’s quite the work-out. Each Farm Hopper comes with a pump for inflating, so you can make sure they are ready for play anytime. Additionally, the animal friends have a self-closing valve, no plug that can be a choking hazard like other animal hopper brands. We take the safety of your toddlers seriously! Farm Hoppers can safely accommodate one child weighing up to 100 lbs.

Award-Winning Farm Hopper Animal Friends

The astounding collection of animal friends from Farm Hopper received the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Media Award. The adorable animal friends were discovered to be a helpful and safe options for all parents. The toddlers will participate in safe play for hours, but they will tire them out right in time for bedtime! The Farm Hopper Animal Friends have proven to enrich family living. From the credible PTPA’s Winner Seal, these animal friends are guaranteed to be exceptional products, perfect for all families.

Explore the Farm Hopper Animal Collection

Farm Hopper Animal Bouncers come in all sorts of colours and sizes. Explore the colourful cows, horses, pigs and more. You will never be bored with these little guys and all the joy they will bring. The bright colours, such as orange, green or blue, will have your toddler glued to their new animal friend! See your toddlers smile more than ever while bouncing on their new life-sized riding toy.