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A baby basket made just for their baby! Whether they’re having a girl, a boy, twins, or even if it’s going to be a surprise, colours and patterns can be specified for any. Depending on the child’s age, there is a basket for newborns, new readers, and mini-Picassos!

Activities galore

Most of our baby baskets include a book! Bedtime stories create some of the best memories in our lives, and we have included the classics like Dr. Seuss, Curious George, and Robert Munsch. Other learning opportunities lie in toy links, puzzles and blocks! They will be geniuses in no time.

Make memories

Childhood passes so quickly! With so much to pay attention to, mum and dad might forget to put together some keepsakes! Remind the new parents capture the early stages in our picture frames or print art set! Little hands make the cutest prints and you’ll marvel at how fast they grow. The cuteness will fly by and they will be so glad to have these memories to look back on. Make some masterpieces with a basket full of Crayola goodies!

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