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Customize Your Baby Basket

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At Nutcracker Sweet, we know how important it is to create the perfect basket to welcome the new bundle of joy. Thus, you are able to customize any of our baby baskets! Send your warmest blessings to the now extended family in the right way with Nutcracker Sweet.

Customize Your Gift For the Whole Family

When sending a baby basket, you are often sending to the whole family. Many of our customers request to send a little something for the rest of the family. Whether you are in search for a little something special for mommy, daddy, brother and/or sister, Nutcracker Sweet can add the perfect goodies. We make gift giving seamless while we show your recipients that you’re thinking of them. We often suggest adding an activity, such as a Crayola Colouring set for the older siblings! For the parents, we often send spa packages for mommy and for daddy, we have added golf sets and tool kits. It brings back what gift giving is all about; the love and thought for the wonderful family.

Customize Your Gift for the Multiples

Also, you may be sending gifts to a family welcoming multiples! To show more thought, we have designed the perfect basket for twins, called the Double Delivery Gift Basket. However, this basket can be customized for any combination of twins, triplets, quadruplets and even more! Instead of sending separate gift baskets for each new addition, send one extravagant basket for the new adorable babies! It just shows that this basket was specially created for them. Just let us know how many boys, girls or neutrals you need and we will fulfill all your commands!

Add-On to Your Gift: Oliberté Olibaby Shoe Collection

We have always offered our customers a variety of add-on options for the adorable new addition. With that in mind, we have joined with popular collections as additional options to add onto your basket. Nutcracker Sweet now carries Oliberté’s baby shoe line called, “Olibaby”. Our customers have been highly requesting these premium quality shoes because they are must-haves for any new baby. Nutcracker Sweet fell in love with the brand and products. Oliberté is a company that wants to maintain and sustain a safe environment for their employees in Africa creating their line of products! Add a pair of Olibaby shoes as a gift to the bundle of joy but, also to the hardworking Oliberté employees in Africa.

Including Giant Plush to Your Gift

Another add-on product that was highly requested were large plush toys. We chose the best of the best of plush toys with Philbin Bear from the Gund Collection. These bears are humongous and are the size of a small child.  Thus, these are perfect for the new bundle of joy because they provide baby with comfort and entertainment. They start off all cozy in the corner of the arms of Giant Philbin but, as the child grows, they start to take up so much more room. It is absolutely adorable and definitely will create some everlasting memories for delightful new addition.

Customize Your Gift with Disney

Don’t you worry!! We have added the option of including a series of the classic Disney collections to your gift baskets. Disney has impacted all of our childhoods and continues to do so for future generations. Browse through our Disney Collections to choose the perfect gift to add to your gift basket. Nutcracker Sweet takes pride in all of our gift creations but, we also love to see your gifting creations too! We ensure perfection with all of our gifts! Therefore, gift giving is made flawless with Nutcracker Sweet.