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Gifting Curious George

Who doesn’t love the cuddly and adorable Curious George? George is a monkey of mystery which leads to lots of great adventures! Stop being curious about the best-selling Curious George baskets, and go on a little adventure to the Nutcracker Sweet stores or, for your convenience, continue viewing our website to purchase that perfect baby gift. Curious George baby gift baskets range in appearance and size depending on the products included. Products range from the red shirt wearing Curious George plush, a full ensemble 5 piece monkey themed outfit, stacking cups and much, much more!

Curious About Gifting With Nutcracker Sweet

With Over 30 years of experience Nutcracker Sweet is confident that Curious George gift baskets will exceed all customer expectations! Delivery services go beyond that of Canada and can be couriered to location of your choice! The baskets are handcrafted to perfection that enable all products and baskets, from the array of Curious George plush, receiving blankets, stacking cups, and more, to remain in good shape upon delivery! All gift baskets will have a neatly typed out message containing the recipient’s name to ensure all Georges are accounted for!

Curious George Gifting Collections

The Curious George book is also a part of the Nutcracker Sweet gift basket collection. These books are preschooler favourites as the stories and characters are a crowd pleaser! This picture book is engaging for an audience of all ages and of course, an easy read! Curious George stories are also fan favourites as they are somewhat relatable. Curious George encounters situations and preforms in odd ways just as an unsure child would do. Putting puzzle pieces or other objects up your nose for example is not only relatable for children, but for parents who were told stories of them themselves doing this when they were younger. George’s journeys are always very adventurous and encourages someone to try something new, and if not,  something comes as planned, well at least you’ll get a great laugh out of it! This book is also a binding of generation as parents can pass it down to their children, and share something to talk about!

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