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Let those little legs take their first steps in an adorable and comfortable Olibaby Shoes. Toddlers take Toronto by storm as Olibaby shoes allow your children to be walking, running and dancing around town in no time! Strut the day away, hand in hand, with your child as you will want to show your baby's swag. Olibaby shoes are fitted and styled based on a baby’s needs; it works with support and style to get that baby walking. Putting on babies shoes has never been easier, but more importantly, for once your babies won’t be crying to take them off! Be sure to check out Nutcracker Sweet for more Olibaby. it is definitely a step in the right direction!


Only The Best With Olibaby!

There is nothing happier than an addition to the family! The gift of a child is a wondrous thing and one to behold! Providing a child with the best of the best is the only way to go! We love our baby baskets and choose only the best to fill them! Our baby gifts create memories. From baby wear to storage totes, Nutcracker Sweet has left a sweet imprint on many infants’ lives. We carefully choose what items to include in our gift baskets. Thus, at Nutcracker Sweet, we now carry Oliberté's Olibaby products; the baby shoe collection. We fell in love with the company and products from Oliberté. We knew all of our customers would be delighted with the option of adding on a pair of Olibaby shoes to our baby gifts.

The Perfect Add-On To Your Baby Gift

At Nutcracker Sweet, we want to start every addition in the right pair of shoes. We try to fill our baby gift baskets with every baby essential thus, we have added the option of including baby's very own pair of shoes. Not just any shoe, we carry the Oliberté collection to make your gift extra special. With a variety of colours and styles, you are sure to find the perfect pair for your gift basket!

A Gift That Gives Back

There is no guilt in adding a pair of these amazing shoes. This is a company we know will not only make a child's day, but also give you a happy feeling and here is why! Our Olibaby line from Oliberté, along with their entire product line, represents a sustainable brand supporting worker's rights in Sub-Saharan Africa. Doing things right is their motto and hence, in September 2013, they were established as the world's first Fair Trade Certified footwear manufacturing factory.The Olibaby line provides gorgeous shoes made from free range and hormone free premium cow and goat leather. The main tannery has the world's only chrome recycling system creating a safer and cleaner environment! Olibabies are only outfitted in the best!

For More Information On Oliberté And The Olibaby Collection

With every step your child takes in an Olibaby shoe; a major positive influence is made in Africa; start off with the right foot; with Olibaby! For more information, visit Olibaby’s website at https://www.oliberte.com/.


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