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Jellycat is an array of cuddly, humourful yet sophisticated toys that are appropriate for all ages! These soft toys come in small, medium and large to perfectly accommodate the person purchasing. Jellycat items range from Jelly books to stuffed monkeys, lions, bunnies and more. Jellycat baskets will be just as bashful and jolly as the items themselves.

Adorable, Soft and Cozy Plush Gifts

Jellycat products are the floppiest, softest and squishiest stuffed animals that a child could possibly have. From its silky yet smooth fur, to the sweetness of character, each and every recipient is in for a life of the comfiest cuddles. Jellycat gifts are crafted in a soft and cuddly way that make them great gifts for 1st birthday, special occasions or any celebration that encourages gift giving! This adorable collection is a perfect add-on to any of our baby gift baskets

Jellycat is Just Irresistable

A child’s Jellycat plush toy is simply irresistible and soon the two are attached at the hip! Nutcracker Sweet recipients love their plush so much that they find themselves coming back for more! We know how hard it is trying to remove your child’s favourite plush for a quick wash after its been dragged on the floor or been broken apart.  That's why many times we have customers ordering seconds to throw out the old and bring in the new without their kid noticing! These plush toys are also the perfect gift for a new born baby to fall asleep twith; parents get ready for a cry free sleep! Jellycat also offers an array of baby books that capture such real qualities that you may in fact believe your book is coming to life! Jellycat books can come fuzzy, may squeak and make animal sounds, have pop ups with each page flip and capture the attention of those involved! Each book is not only fun to play with and hold, but they are actually educational for children of all ages! What better way to learn than through interactive education! Teaching your toddler has never been easier!

Jelly For Thought

Brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, Jellycat is an all age friend for each and every family member. As sweet and cozy and these little stuffed toys and books can be to a toddler, they can also enchant older siblings and parents. One touch of these little guys will bring a smile to your face and have your baby sleeping with their new best stuffed friend in the blink of an eye!

A Gift For Everyone

Jellycat toys, such as the bunnies, monkeys and other stuffed products, are small enough to be a sleeping companion for your baby and yet, due to their unique design, are easy to spot amongst all the other toys. They will become your child's best buddy and the toy they can't live without.  All items are child friendly, a parents dream, and an adult’s guilty pleasure!

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