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Nutcracker Sweet will turn your dream into a reality one gift basket at a time! Bring the magic of Disney in a Disney dream basket. Have your favourite Disney character, book and movie at your door step in just a blink of an eye. Why go to Disneyland when you can shop at Nutcracker Sweet! We will make your Disney fantasy a reality with an array of life sized Disney plush toys! Minnie, Mickie, Dumbo and more, our Walt Disney collection will leave you wanting more. It is the perfect add on to your baby gift basket!

Gifting The Classic Disney Collection

Well mom and dad, Mickey is here to save you from those sleepless nights! No matter the age no one likes to sleep alone at night, and this is where life sized Mickey comes in. No child likes to be left in their room alone at night, that’s why its Mickey's turn to take over and stand in place for those late night snuggles. Mickey and Minnie will be there so your child will never have to sleep alone again; they can sit in place at tea parties, sit in on long car rides, and of course, occupy the young ones when mom and dad need to tidy up the house a bit!

Disney Gifts are Timeless

Bring the past and make it the present while reliving your childhood through the magic of Disney! Walt Disney has no age limits; it bridges the gaps between young and old as it gives families a topic that everyone can relate. Disney teaches society valuable life lessons that year after year have us falling in love with the characters. Just like Dumbo, the elephant, we learn that everyone’s difference makes them unique and special, as differences shouldn’t be ridiculed but rather, acknowledged! Dumbo has made us all laugh through the use of his big elephant ears and ability to fly. Since Disney is everlasting, it is perfect for all baby gift baskets

Disney Gifts Makes Dreams Come True

Disney products come in large sizes and high quality ensuring satisfaction for all clients and recipients. More importantly, it allows you to return to your childhood and make it acceptable to re-live this childhood. Spend time with any and every Disney character you used to live through, idolize and make believe that it was in fact a real friend of yours. Curl up next to Snow White or her seven dwarves and join in on their next adventure with Prince Charming! Stay young, stay youthful and most of all, have fun by enjoying all that Disney has to offer! Let out your inner Rapunzel ladies and let your hair down. Go on the journey of the little mermaid Ariel and help her find her voice! Disney is meant to inspire and build a confidence in its audience. This is to accept differences and to be kind to one another. When shopping at Nutcracker Sweet you are not only purchasing an adorable and cuddly gift, but you are teaching your recipient life lessons that Disney has to offer! With over 30 years of experience Nutcracker promises to make each and every Disney gift basket come to life! Do not miss out on a Disney experience of a lifetime! Hurry and make your dreams come true through the magic of Nutcracker Sweet. “You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality”