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A new baby in the family is like a gift—a beautiful, snuggly, and priceless little gift! Having a baby girl brings much excitement and happiness into parents’ lives. At Nutcracker Sweet, we embrace the pinks and purples for the baby girls!! However, we never shy away from suggesting our neutral baby gifts as well because they are perfect for all babies, regardless of gender! And, not only is it a celebration for the parents, but for the rest of their family and friends as well! Thus, at Nutcracker Sweet, we make every baby basket as a gift for both, baby and the parents. Whenever a new baby is born it is a celebration for all—grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, you name it. Everyone is always excited upon the birth of a new little girl!



To help celebrate this wonderful occasion, Nutcracker Sweet is well equipped with fabulous baby gift baskets for girls! Our beautiful girl gift baskets are filled to the brim with high quality baby items like stuffed animals, onesies, bottles, books, and more! They are decorated in beautiful pink and yellow papers and wrappings and always look beyond impressive. These baskets are sure to bring a smile to any new parent’s face! They are the perfect gift for any little girl—they really bring the girly theme into the household and make this an exciting time for all!

It’s Not Just One Gift with a Gift Basket

Baby gift baskets are the perfect gifts for a new baby for multiple reasons. For one thing, if you are a grandparent and you want to give your new little granddaughter a gift, you may find yourself very busy helping out your daughter or son and not be able to spend time at the store buying a good gift! A baby gift basket is the perfect gift, because it is quick and easy, but is always much appreciated! Also, it is not just packed with one gift but, is filled with a multiple of gifts. Who doesn’t love more gifts?!? Another way baby gift baskets are great gifts is their ability to be a gift for someone whom you are not particularly close with, however someone that you feel the need to send a gift to.

Only the Best Baby Bounty from Nutcracker Sweet

Explore all things great at Nutcracker Sweet. Inside each and every basket, we include premium baby accessories and toys to ensure your gift is top notch! Find world-renowned brands such as, Melissa and Doug, LEGO, Disney, Dr. Seuss, Curious George, Gund, Olibaby, Eric Carle’s Hungry Caterpillar, Oogaa and even MORE! Create everlasting memories with the gift basket from Nutcracker Sweet. Our baby baskets are filled with baby and parent favourites. Our creative innovative team have put together a collection that is unique and independent from others thus, our gifts cannot be beaten! Our gifts a neatly assembled and presented in an extravagant gift basket form thus, our gifts will definitely impress!

The Ultimate Gift For a Baby Girl

At Nutcracker Sweet, our team has thought about every element of our baby gift collection to ensure we deliver the best gift baskets to you and your recipients. From design, practicality, presentation and more, our gifts will surpass your expectations in every aspect! Specifically, we pride in our Mini Muskoka Chair for the new baby girl. This life-sized baby wooden chair is an adorable piece however, the gift is much more than the fancy wooden chair. Find a mountain of baby bounty carefully assembled in the chair. From a sleeper, blanket, snack bowls, bath squirters and MORE! Each and every item in this astounding baby basket will definitely be put into great use and create everlasting memories! At Nutcracker Sweet, we bring unique and creative baby gift baskets to you thus, you will find the best line of baby gifts right here!

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